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Building a successful business is never easy, but there is absolutely no reason to make it any harder than it has to be. These eleven online services can take a lot of the repetitive work off your hands so you can focus on building success:

Dropbox ( More than just a cloud-based backup service, Dropbox has become a ubiquitous tool for file-sharing. With seamless integration with Windows, Mac, and both major mobile platforms it gives you access to the files you need on the machine you’re using.

MailChimp ( Everyone says you need a mailing list; MailChimp gives you all the tools you need to manage one. Not only does it manage your list, it also provides tools to create your newsletter. Start with the free option and build up as your business grows.

Foursquare ( Built around connections and geolocation, Foursquare not only helps draw local customers to your business, but also helps attract their friends. It leverages social networking to build customer relationships that can build your business.

Freshbooks ( A wise man once said that billing is how your business eats; Freshbooks handles all your basic accounting needs from invoicing to payments and even sends out timely reminders to forgetful clients. Knowing where you stand with money is vital to any local business.

Hootsuite ( From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, and beyond– social media has changed the world. Hootsuite lets you manage all your social media from one dashboard, so you can maintain a consistent presence across all platforms and never worry about leaving one out. You can also use its analytics to monitor your social media performance. It handles Twitter well and Facebook so-so, but that’s because Zuckerberg’s walled garden has some issues.

Square ( Never be caught out unable to take credit card payments again. The Square Reader plugs into your mobile device and instantly connects you to major financial networks. Make a sale anywhere you have a signal.

GoToMyPC ( Remote desktop software is a key part of remote work; with GoToMyPC you can log into your computer at work from another machine and control it directly through a web browser. Since everything runs on the host machine, you don’t have to worry about getting extra licenses to use your business software from home.

Shopify ( Your website can be more than just advertising; with Shopify you can turn almost any site into an e-commerce platform quickly and easily. All you have to do is follow the prompts to set up a storefront and load it with products.

GoToMeeting ( When you can’t be there in person, video-conferencing software is the next best thing. A service like GoToMeeting lets you not only communicate but also collaborate in real time.

Google Drive ( Don’t just share documents, collaborate on them. Google Drive gives you access to a full office suite in the cloud with multiple people able to work on the same document simultaneously.

Tableau ( Lots of programs offer analytics, but Tableau gives you the ability to make the data you get from those analytics work for you. Plot geolocation data from multiple services onto a map; determine who is using your services, where they are, and when they are doing it. Take control of your data.

Thirteen is an unlucky number, so we’ll call these next two bonus resources:

WordPress Support ( : Many business websites run on WordPress, and all those sites need excellent support and maintenance. We can help!

Performance Boosts ( We can give you nine performance improving tips, and tweak your WordPress web design for better performance.

Written by Dave Robinson

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