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Shawn DeWolfe is a Canadian Web Developer specializing in Drupal website design and WordPress website deployments.


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Site Design

Delivery your message loud and clear via the Internet. SDC delivers attractive, flexible, functional and extensible web designs.

CMS Deployments

Take control of your content but keep that polished look. We deploy ClassicPress, WordPress and Drupal content management systems.

Site Optimization

Put jet engines on your website. Speed is a ranking factor with search engines. We find performance inprovements for your site.

API Integration

Tie into services offered by your suppliers and clients

Plugin Development

We create WordPress and ClassicPress plugins to suit your needs.

Custom Development

Over 20 years of web development experience. We seen it all. We've done it. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Website Migration

Jailbreak your website! We have migrated dozens of websites from Drupal, custom HTML, legacy apps; and taken them into new robust platforms.

Website Review

Get a read on your web position. We can deliver an audit of your web precense: website, web server performance, search engine standings, mobile readiness, IE compatibility.

User Experience Design

Let us bridge the road between a user and your message. We design experiences based on your expert knowledge of your audience coupled with our best practices.

User Interface Design

Make your message sticky. Make your experience inviting. We build user interaces that draw in users and beckon them to interact with you.

Digital Marketing

Go beyond an inviting web precense. We use marketing strategies to find your customers and deliver your message.

Content Creation

Let us colour in the blanks. Creative writing, technical writing, video production, graphic design and photography. Our team of content creators are ready to impress you.


Make a brand. Rejunvenate a brand. We can connect your public identity with the world in a new way. Stand apart from the crowd.


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Web Development

Web design has evolved. The ability to deliver user controlled content, to share, to make a website effective from every device is within reach. Two popular options for web design stand out. One for data heavy sites; and one for a turnkey experience.
  • For a turnkey way to connect your business with customers, click here.
  • To turn a wealth of data into clear information, click here.

Technology Consulting

Outside of web design, I have almost two decades of IT work (hardware support, database development, app development, project management) and I have experience reaching back into the 1980s. I have seen lots of projects get completed and lots of problems get solved. Let Shawn DeWolfe Consulting get involved in the technology questions you have. - Learn More

New Blog Posts

Creativity Through Open Source Software

A short list of applications, services and resources for creative people and creative projects. These are open source services and creative commons resources. Blender, FreeSound, Unity-- a slate of free assets can make your project become reality.

The Buy Cialis Problem

WordPress is popular. As such, it’s a ripe target for those who want to exploit the largest number of web applications with the least amount of effort. Over the past two years, Web malware has grown around 140%. At the same time, WordPress has exploded in popularity as a blogging platform and CMS, powering close to 30% of websites today. But that popularity comes at a price; it makes WordPress a target for Web-based malware. When hackers find an exploit, they will work their black magic and add something malicious to a target website.

HELP! The phone book has my website!

Did you get your print listings and your web listings from the same source? Is the print feeling a little expensive and the website feeling a little lacklustre? If your website is tied up with your phone book listing, fear not: there is a way out.

New Articles & Case Studies

Anatomy of a Drupal 7 to 8 Multisite Upgrade

I was contacted recently to assess the work involved in an upgrade of a corporate site with 14 verticals in a Drupal 7 multisite installation. In 2018, I embarked on the migration of eight verticals from a context driven Drupal 7 website to 8 separate WordPress installs. In short: I know what it takes get a website migrated away from Drupal 7.

Make Images Spritely

Why is that some pages loading with lightning speed and others are stuck with a "Waiting for...." in the bottom status bar? One reason is the number of file calls-- CSS stylesheets, Javascript, images and the content. Browsers bring down these files in pairs and have to often wait until some of them are down before they get pointers as to what comes next. This boils down into what is called "hang time." CMSes and style heavy sites can take an eternity to come down. The good news: you can make even a feature rich and complex layout come through at lightning speed. The answer: CSS Sprites.

Creating custom filters with drupal and views in Drupal 6

Ah views. Yes, the views module for Drupal is incredibly powerful and combined with CCK has essentially eliminated the need to ever create custom modules for content. While this is a happy thing, sometimes views just doesn't quite do what you want. And, rather sadly, there is almost no documentation on how to create custom views plugins/styles/filters/etc. Boo.


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