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Shawn DeWolfe

WordPress Developer &
Solutions Architect

With 25 years of web development experience, I’ve seen it all. Shawn DeWolfe Consulting delivers solutions for WordPress, PHP, MySQL and web design projects. Beyond these technologies, my team and I are experts in JavaScript, JQuery, CSS and HTML. In 2020, my partner and I started Web321 to support WordPress websites.


Web Technology Experience

Where Shawn DeWolfe Consulting does its best work: the combination of technologies to make a seamless experience the end user and a manageable system that can grow with its rise in popularity and user adoption.


Plugins, themes, full WordPress designs, custom code, workarounds, and strategy. That’s the short list.


Experience with PHP since its early days. We can tie PHP applications into the bedrock of a WordPress project or a standalone solution.

Javascript & JQuery

JavaScript done right delivers solutions for client side needs. We work with JQuery and basic Javascript.


MySQL and MariaDB drives many websites. We understand relational databases: how to get them to work, work efficiently and have the leg room to expand as the use cases of a project matures.


How Does That Apply To Your Web Developer Needs?

This is a short list of what we excel at that coincidentally may be something you require.


  • WordPress Web Design
  • Plugin Strategy
  • Theme Building
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Website Optimizations
  • Repairs

Javascript & JQuery

  • On page functionality (ie. client-side processing)
  • Interactive infographics
  • Animation effects


  • Query creations
  • Data imports and exports
  • Data conversion


  • Web design
  • Web site optimization
  • Performance improvements
  • Hosting
  • Domain registrations
  • Website migrations
  • Saving sites from Wix
  • Rescuing sites from Squarespace
  • Godaddy to WordPress


  • Website strategy
  • Migration planning
  • On-page SEO
  • Website research

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