Turning complexity into clarity.


Two decades of experience in web development provides clear answers to the questions of what is needed to deliver the best design, the best message and the best results from your web presence. Return on investment and good value are key elements in any successful business strategy. Elaborate doesn’t have to be complex. Complexity can become clarity.

Web Development

Web design has evolved. The ability to deliver user controlled content, to share, to make a website effective from every device is within reach. Two popular options for web design stand out. One for data heavy sites; and one for a turnkey experience.

Drupal - An Engine For Heavy Data Lifting

Drupal is a terrific platform to build on. After nine years of Drupal development, it becomes pretty clear what works and what doesn’t. Getting Drupal to work smarter is where Shawn DeWolfe Consulting comes in. - Learn More

WordPress - Pretty And Smart In One Package

WordPress is ideal for B2B website design projects that want a turnkey solution to publicize their website. WordPress is made powerful through its thousands of plugins and themes. - Learn More

Search Engine Readiness

Getting listed at the top of Google for a particular keyword can have huge benefits. The first step is to get dressed for success. Let’s make sure your website is optimized and ready for search engine indexing. Two key factors will position your site for success: a properly structured website with relevant content for the topic of your expertise; and quality inbound links from relevant websites related to your business focus. - Learn More

Technology Consulting

Outside of web design, I have almost two decades of IT work (hardware support, database development, app development, project management) and I have experience reaching back into the 1980s. I have seen lots of projects get completed and lots of problems get solved. Let Shawn DeWolfe Consulting get involved in the technology questions you have. - Learn More