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Family Eye Care Centre of Victoria

Family Eyecare’s previous site lacked many fundamentals of a modern website, such as responsive design, Captcha on forms, robust security, embedded maps, and social media integration.


We replaced their dated site with a responsive WordPress website, built using the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. We used Gravity Forms to build effective contact forms to connect the Victoria patients with Family Eyecare. We also added security controls to limit the risk of intrusion, linked the site to social media, and added a dynamic map using Google API.

Key Features
  • WordPress
  • Responsive
  • Interactive Forms
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Divi Theme Foundation

Kersten Orthodontics

Dr. Kersten wanted a website that shared the ins and outs of his practice to potential and current patients. He aimed to engage with patients and increase leads for the business.


We replaced Dr Kersten’s site with a responsive WordPress website featuring a clean, bright design, with robust security controls to limit the risk of intrusion. We used Gravity Forms to create effective contact forms to connect patients with Kersten Orthodontics.

One of our cooler features in this build was the Before & After slider (; the standard one was not IE compliant. We rebuilt the plugin to make it capable in Internet Explorer.

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

The CSIP wanted to present a searchable CSV file through a web interface.


We built an object-oriented PHP application that parsed the CSV file, created search options and created filters. Users search the data and find special offers. The experience is optimized as a mobile first experience. It loads in approximately 0.28 seconds making for a great user experience.

What makes it special
  • Custom PHP web application
  • Mobile-first experience
  • Quick-loading

arbor educational & clinical consulting

In 2019, Arbor asked us to help modernize their page, streamline it and make it mobile-friendly. 


The original page was cluttered and busy, and wasn’t optimized for handheld devices. We built them a clean, modern page in WordPress, with fewer pages but much more impact.

What makes it special
  • Built in Divi – a versatile, easy-to-update WordPress theme
  • Fixed the Twitter feed to update regularly
  • Consolidated the content to make it easier to navigate
  • Recreated the Testimonials slideshow

Carmanah Traffic

We created integrations between WordPress elements like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and Gravity PDF.


We migrated the content away from a Drupal 7 install and into a WordPress site that stood alone to present their product line with concision.

What makes it special
  • We built an integration between WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and a PDF generator. Users can select features for their traffic solution, then have that emailed to them as a PDF.
  • Built functional mega-menus on the site
  • Improved site performance
  • Made the site more extensible through advanced custom fields (ACF)

Whoa? That’s It?

With 24+ years of development experience, why isn’t more here? Here’s why:

  • Some of the sites have changed in later iterations, so we’re not featuring them.
  • Some of our sites were built under sub-contract to other design houses, so we’re not showing them off. They get the credit.
  • Some of the sites were built under non-disclosure clauses and we respect those agreements.
  • We contribute to bigger projects and we make reference to that work, but the cool designs are someone else’s.
  • Some of the portfolio entries are still to come (Cobbler’s dilemma: we’re too busy working to show that we’re working)
  • Some of our work is technical rather than design. That’s why we have different places where we show off our coding smarts.