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Market Competition Policy

We want to be your experts. Not only do we want to know our field better every day, we want to know your field better. We could corner the market and work for more B2B clients in one niche; or more clients in one particular profession, but we have goals and order to our goals. Help your organization, then help our organization. To that end, we have the policy of only working with one client per market vertical. We want to take on clients who serve a unique market, niche or need. Before we take on another client, we will assess if your organization is competing with one of our present clients. If there is no conflict, we would be happy to talk with you.

Market Conflict

Professionals often serve a community. When we get to know the boundaries of provision, we may offer our services to the same types of professionals in other communities. That will allow us to specialize on delivery of the best practices to all of our clients. Better than that, wins for one client in one region can be applied to another client in another community to give them a competitive edge. For example, a dentist in Juneau, Alaska is not competing with a dentist in Calgary, Alberta.

Niche Conflict

Some of our clients operate in a market vertical, but their products are sought after worldwide. In that case, we will help our client and hope to learn more about their market, but we will not take on a second client in the same vertical. However, we would look forward applying our acquired knowledge to working in a relevant nearby vertical. For example, if we have an international client working in trucking supplies, we would only take on that one client, but would consider the motorcycle supply vertical to be open to us.

Need Conflict

Some of our clients fill a special need. If our of our clients, for instance, is involved in fundraising or awareness-building, we may feel that another client would impact their capacity to fulfill their mission. A good example may be two organizations helping with child poverty. In that circumstance, we will decline to take a new client where there is a conflict in the needs they are accommodating.