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WordPress runs something like 33% of the Internet. It’s popular, feature rich and easy to use. But it’s not the be-all end-all. What if WordPress needs more data? What if your marketing department is in love with WordPress, but your systems are all written on a more utilitarian platform?

Not a problem.

We can get data from any kind of API endpoint. (In layman’s terms, an API or “Application Programming Interface” is a set of building blocks that allows one type of software to communicate, and share data with, another type of software). You name the technology, and we can integrate it with your WordPress site. We can work with any number of applications. Some examples:

  • Java to WordPress
  • Cobol output to WordPress
  • Delphi to WordPress
  • ColdFusion output for WordPress
  • FoxPro data sent to WordPress
  • ASP.NET WebAPI tied into WordPress

Here are some examples of integrations we have done.

  • Added Google Maps to the Contact Us page for clients – often Google Maps will shut down because of the need to purchase an API key, but we have a workaround to allow for a direct use of the map
  • Created Google Maps interfaces using FacetsWP to show off entries with map locations – we have added filters to allow users to refine the results
  • Built API tie-ins to Amazon
  • Designed tie-ins to the news service Daylife
  • Generated mash-ups involving RSS Feeds
  • Made a tie-in to the YotPo Review and Reputation Management system
  • Built API output from Drupal to a WordPress site
  • Migrated Drupal sites over to WordPress
  • Created Drupal exports to feed data to a waiting WordPress site
  • Used WordPress data sources inside of Drupal


We focus on enterprise application interfaces to deliver proven solutions for the public and corporate sectors. And we strive to connect to your audience in a manner that scales in a robust way.

We can build a WordPress plugin to suit your organization’s needs. The plugin can follow any business rules. It can tie into the datasource (aka API endpoint) and pull data. It can interact to post WordPress and user input back to the API. Any process you execute can be integrated with WordPress.

If you have a question about how we connect your API to WordPress, let’s talk.