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Hey Shawn!

In the Summer of 2019, I started on a video series: “Hey Shawn!” I’m posed questions on web design and I try to give a clear answer.

How To Host Your WordPress Site Through A2

There’s a lot of web hosts out there. There are some of them that are terrific, some not so much. So I put the list together and it’s up on the website and we’ll show the link and talk about what those look like, but the one I like that seems to be really solid […]

What’s Up With The “Solar Initiative”

We are prepping a series of sites to cover off the solar industry work flow. It’s important to speed the adoption of solar energy as one of the new forms of sustainable power.

Nine Tips To Get Your Website To Rank Well

What are the 9 keys factors in getting your website to rank well in Googe?

Why Did The Old Suck?!?

I used to be told that I make pretty nice looking sites. If I can create nice looking sites, why does my Shawn DeWolfe Consulting site suck? It’s the Cobbler’s Shoes Dilemma. In the Spring of 2019, I overhauled my site to talk about my work in web design, web development and WordPress

Why Doesn’t My Website Rank Well on Google?

Google has to index a website so it has to know what’s there and coming in cold there’s no easy way from the gold figure out when new domains are registered it will see the domain registry as do a lot of marketers and and people who want to up-sell you and stuff like your favorite register domain you’ll notice a whole flurry of them come in: they’re tracing new domains. Google does that too but Google has a lot more to work with and I think it at least looks a new website and thinks will it’s new, it doesn’t have adoption. If it doesn’t have adoption or a trend of traffic then probably it’s not popular unless it kind of rides into a topic in a way that makes a popular.