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These are some recent example of our work in the follow areas:

  • Plugin Development
  • Performance Improvement
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Drupal-to-Wordpress Migrations
  • WordPress-to-Shopify Migrations

Victoria Autism Awareness Walk

We analyzed the 2011 version of the Victoria Autism Awareness Walk site and replaced it with a stable installation of the Drupal CMS. We installed and configured appropriate modules and theming elements to satisfy the needs of the client to expand interactivity; improve the user experience; make adding participants and content very straightforward; allow for easy administration and a smooth path for the later addition of new functionality at a later time.

Salish Weave – Featuring West Coast First Nations Art

Salish Weave supports the artists who create contemporary art in the traditional Salish art form and actively promotes awareness of Salish culture and art through Education.

PJ’s Island & Subsea Retreat

Pam and Jack, the owners, were not happy with their existing website. The previous designer used stock images showing tropical fish not native to the BC coast. Jack, a photographer, had plenty of better images to share, but the designer would not make time to add them, nor to integrate their AirBnB listing into the website. The couple found their existing web company to be unresponsive and were very frustrated.

Mclaren Lighting

Mclaren Lighting is a family owned and operated lighting showroom committed to ensuring their customers never get left in the dark. For over 60 years, they have been serving the communities and people of Vancouver Island. Their mission: provide an outstanding customer experience while offering the most extensive and unique lighting selection in Canada. Mclaren contacted us for help improving their online prominence and increasing brand awareness and sales.

Island Junk Removal Solutions

We overhauled the setup to improve the performance of the website. In our case that meant simple HTML / Ajax landing pages instead of sluggish WordPress sites for what was a single lead capture form.

Diamond Kote

Third party add-ons can slow down a site by as much as 25%. That’s a problem we solved. We built a custom plugin to interface with the YotPo recommendation and review system. It interacted directly with the YotPro API to create content native to the DiamondKote site. In doing this, we made the data originate from the DiamondKote site and not a third party service source. That allowed us to contain the data locally in caches and improve overall performance.