Project Workflow

In working together, we have basic etiquette and conduct rules to follow:
  • After discussions, the project intake form is a key part of getting a project going. There is a minimum of information we need to get going. The form is here.
  • By default, we will propose a project cost based on a scope of work. Change orders during the project will change the project cost and delivery dates.
  • If a project is less than $10,000, we will provide a short-form quote-- usually sent as an email. Full proposals are available for projects in excess of $10,000 and you can contact us for a proposal.
  • By default, all projects estimates with come with a deposit requirement. Receipt of the deposit initiates the project. Project timelines begin after that point and they are relative to that initation date.
  • Communication is done by email. Follow-ups can happen via phone calls. Small documents and files of under 10MB can be relayed via email. Files of 10MB to 100MB will be moved via Dropbox sharing. Files and folders that amount to more than 100MB will be shared via physical media (a portable drive).
  • Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 9AM PST to 5PM PST. We may work outside of those hours or engage with staffers in other time zones. By default, we will not respond outside of our business hours.