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We Solve WordPress Problems

We have been working with WordPress for over 12 years: themes, solutions, plugins and integrations.

If you have a WordPress problem, we may have a solution.

Your Website Is a Key Component In A Digital Strategy

We build our websites as part of an overall digital strategy. We take solid technologies and deploy them to work for your business. Your online presence will both echo your real world business and accentuate it to a broader audience. From inception to launch, we stay focused on your immediate, mid-term and long term goals. Our process is audience driven: a fusion of best practices for the web and understand of what your customers need.

It may come across as odd that we do websites, but we consider them to only a part of a digital strategy. In an era where Facebook and apps dominate our digital habits, having your own domain is crucial, but it’s not the whole game. We build a strategy that makes the most of your online properties. The strategy gets them to inter-operate and amplify each other.

We want to play a role in your success. We would love to show you what we can do for your brand. Let’s talk!

Family Eyecare Centre Of Victoria

This Victoria-based Eyecare business needed to have their Optometry services website modernized. We used WordPress to create a great looking website, optimized for readability.

Kersten Orthodontics

We overhauled a Victoria based orthodontics website to make it sleek, speedy and mobile-friendly.

Synergy Resources

Synergy Resources, a New York based Enterprise Resource Planning company, needed help branding their site and optimizing it for speed and SEO. We elevated the visibility of their site and their position in the marketplace, while giving them a modern look that emphasized their high-performance brand.

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific needed a way for their registered members to search for perks provided by CSI community partners in their area. We provided an elegant and simple CSV-driven solution to their request.

GoPower Fleet

We updated the look and capabilities of the GoPower Fleet site using WordPress and the CargoPress PT theme (a specialty website template built for logistics, transport and cargo companies).

Flying Fish Winery

We upgraded the Flying Fish Winery website to show off their products, connect with the community and sell their supplies via an ecommerce solution.

Help Us Find Dead Themes

With the popularity of WordPress comes the weight of keeping its components current. Over the last couple of years, changes to PHP (the programming language that WordPress is built with) updated. When its standards changed, many WordPress plugins and themes stopped working. Almost every website hosting provider has discontinued support for the defunct versions of PHP. We want to build a list of dead themes and we need your help.

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How To Update The Blogdrops Theme

How To Update The Blogdrops Theme

The Sheila Karrow site needed to update their Blogdrops Theme. The problem: it uses outdated code. The good news: content management systems split content and display: all of the good content remained and we could adapt the site to show off that content through the Divi theme.

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Why Did The Old ShawnDeWolfe.com Suck?!?

I used to be told that I make pretty nice looking sites. If I can create nice looking sites, why does my Shawn DeWolfe Consulting site suck? It’s the Cobbler’s Shoes Dilemma. In the Spring of 2019, I overhauled my site to talk about my work in web design, web development and WordPress

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