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[Help] Wordpress Plugin for Sorting Blog Feeds

Hey everyone,

I've looked around a bit but so far nothing has fit exactly what I am looking for. I am looking for a plugin that creates a blog feed... Except only for posts with a specific tag. My blog is https://seoulinspired.com/ and right now you can visit the homepage and see the most recent blogs. This is perfect, but I would like to add a better sorting system to my site. Basically, I am wondering if there is a plugin (or other method) which will allow me to create more pages similar to the home page, except that only show posts with specific tags.

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[HELP] Is WordFence Premium Really Worth It?

I've been hosting websites on a couple servers for almost 4 years now and had only one incident of a hacking. In the past month I've been hacked several times. I hate it. My clients hate it. I have WordFence installed but am considering putting in premium.

Is it worth it or are there other alternatives better?

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[HELP] Is WordFence Premium Really Worth It?

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[HELP] WordPress/Woocommerce Plugin to create additional options with quantities

I'm looking for two solutions. I'm trying to set my Woocommerce to do one of two things. As a script consultant sometimes I need to price things by the page. To consult on a short film, I charge $20 per page. On a longer film, I will charge $250 for the first 120 pages and then $5 per page after that. I need a solution that can allow the user to input either the number of pages (for the shorter film) or the number of pages after 120 (for the longer film) and for Woocommerce to automatically price out the total. Does anyone know of an extension that would be able to help with this?

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[HELP] Is there a pricing table plugin / plan plugin that updates a price as you add/remove?

Hey guys.

Has anyone ever encountered a plugin such as this?

Essentially, my company offers three plans for our service. Currently we showcase these as three static pricing tables with an 'enquire' button beneath.

In a beautiful ideal world i'd love to find a way for the user to select the elements they require and see a price update as they do, whether this is via a sliding scale or by checkboxes etc - and then be able to check that product out - does that make any sense?


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[Help] Managing my record collection

I'm looking for a plugin for managing my record collection. What I'm looking for is a system where I can define my own entries, such as "label", "cat. no.", "title", "artist", "year", "format", and so on. I also want to be able to use filters that only presents results from i. e. "label" or "artist" or a combination of any given entries - maybe through radio buttons, drop-down menues or search fields.

It would also be great if the plugin will allow me to have each entry linkable, if I want to write a small biography for any given artist.

So - are there any plugins such as this?

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[HELP] Is there a plugin that allows people to submit their own profiles?

I'm looking to add a page to my site that lists 'ambassadors' - ideally, I'd like a plugin that allows prospective ambassadors to create their own profiles (which would then be approved by a moderator before going live). These would then be listed on a page (and filterable by category), and people could contact individual ambassadors via a contact form (so their email address wasn't visible).

I've looked at team plugins but really do need people to be able to submit their own profiles. I'm not really sure how to describe this so don't know what to search for! Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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[HELP] Dynamic pulldown or radio menu with options disabled depending on hour of day?

Is it possible to create either a pulldown menu or a radio menu with options that show as "disabled" (grayed out) depending on time of day? I would need this menu to appear during the checkout process in a woocommerce enabled page, so that the selection made appears on the invoice as well (similar to order notes).

The reason: Client offers deliveries to schools but only at certain hours for each school. Schools must submit order during their allotted time slots in order for their order to be fulfilled. Client wants to offer the schools ordering through their website, but limit their ordering times according to their delivery schedules per school.


• School 1 -- 11:30 am - 12:30pm

• School 2 -- 11:30 am - 12:30pm

• School 3 -- 11:00 am - 12:00pm

• School 4 -- 10:30 am - 11:30am

• School 5 -- 10:30 am - 11:00am

It's 11:15 am, only...

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[HELP] Forced users to update their Email Address after Login

Hello everyone. my site is fplnepal.com

Its the online prediction premier league games. I have about 200 registered users. Now the registration is done by the admins not the user. We simply uploaded the csv with username and password of the members. But now what I want is to force logged in members to update their Email address as soon as they log in.

And if they update their emails , they dont have to be forced after that.

Is there any such plugins?

Thank you very much.

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[HELP] Looking for a plugin that help me find all internal links to a specific page

I have a new client that has a pretty large Wordpress site and I'm trying to clean the clutter from the past 5 devs since its conception some 8 years ago. The site is 20GBs! It's not e-commerce or even anything all the special. So it's time to clear the clutter.

I'd like to find a plugin that can tell me where all the links to Page-A are. This will help me determine if the page is in live production or just clutter in my DB.

Also if anyone has any good recommendations for media cleaning, I'd love to hear them. I have found a few plugins but love to hear from someone who has actually used a media-cleaning plugin.

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[REVIEW] Usability Feedback Plugin - need your feedback

Hello everyone,

I recently released Usability Feedback plugin on the wordpress directory. It automatically detects common usability behaviors that hinder or irritate users and reacts in real-time with a built-in poll to help users overcome issues exactly when they happen.

I would really appreciate any comments and suggestions. Thank you very much!

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[Help] responsive video player for self hosted mp4s + works on most mobile devices and can create thumbs?

Is there any or there? Most seem to be for YouTube, but I upload the mp4s to my wordpress installing.

The videos doesn't resize to the screen on my phone. And I would also like to get a auto generated thumb if possible.

Anything close to my request out there?

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[Help] responsive video player for self hosted mp4s + works on most mobile devices...

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[HELP] Plugin to limit or restrict purchasing hours on a per-user basis

Wordpress, WooCommerce. Looking for a plugin that restricts per-user access to purchases depending on hour of the day.


User 1: Can only purchase between 11:00 and 12:00

User 2: Can only purchase between 10:00 and 10:30

User 3: Can only purchase between 13:00 and 14:00

User 4: Can only purchase between 11:00 and 12:00

If I can do this without the need for a "user" (so no login is required) it'd be better. For instance, have a pulldown or radio buttons to choose which user is making the purchase at checkout (the pulldown menu would have User 1, User 2, User 3, etc as a list, or a choice from radio buttons).

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[HELP] plugin for scientific publications based on bibtex format


I would like to know if there is any WP plugin that fetches bibtex files and represent their contents as following.

e.g by adding the tag [citations file=my.bib, order=Year] to have a page with:

2018 <Authors> <article title> <Jourrnal> … 2017 <Authors><article title> <Journal> …

Those entries to be links that redirects to another page containing some more info about the specific article like its abstract and a link to the pdf.

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[HELP]: What Are the Best Data Visualization Plugins?

As the title suggests, I'm looking for plugins, preferably ones that work with the latest version of WordPress, that aren't slow to load; allow for some customization; and, essentially, have many options, in regard to the types of charts available to edit/create.

The website I'm working on is for a media organization and we're trying to create charts and, thus, tables that look/function similar to what Open Signal's latest State of Mobile Networks page shows.

Thanks in advance; I'm a new user here, so your help and/or suggestions would be extremely helpful.

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[DISCUSSION] Starting a new project for clients...what's the first?

I've now built a few sites for clients, taking them on slowly but surely.

The first things I make sure I load in are as follows: The right theme; Any plug ins recommended by that theme (that help it function); Yoast; Short pixel (image optimiser).

What's the first things you upload to a new client site, and what does it do?

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[DISCUSSION] Starting a new project for clients...what's the first?

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