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New Website (wordpress based for easy layperson editing) - Upwork

I am a school design architect with 20 years of international experience and the Founding President of my own company. Over the years I have collected an impressive resume of works including:

Three books
Dozens of professional publications
Dozens of innovative school design projects
Collaborations with renowned experts around the world
Several video interviews

I'm also frequently invited to speak at national and international conferences and want the new website to be a forum where people can request my presence at a conference, or they can write questions to me.

In a second phase, I may also use the site to conduct professional webinars.

For now, I want a really attractive site (since this is a design website) that will consolidate all my professional activities under one roof. I'm looking for a high quality website designer whose number...
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Quick demo website in Arabic - Upwork

The site is just for Demo, so the focus is on simplicity and look. there is no existing design and would like to use ready templates and plug-ins

These are the main features:

1- Landing page: Sign up with facebook

2- attractive looking questionnaire

3- Multi-page content including questions to answer and videos to watch

4-no need for shop, no need for dashboard or for meta-data

Posted On: June 16, 2019 20:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Skills: Prototype, WordPress
Country: Germany
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Quick demo website in Arabic -...

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WooCommerce functions.php fix (v2 -> v3) - Upwork

Having a problem with a site after upgrading WooCommerce v2 to v3.

There was a fair bit of customization in functions.php. Part of the code involved the following idea:

1. Retrieve session ID as follows:

$ses = new WC_Session_Handler();
$wc_session= $ses->get_customer_id();

2. Store custom cart properties in _wc_session_custom_...:

update_option( '_wc_session_custom_'.$wc_session, $cart_item_data );

3. Retrieve / store custom cart properties using filters/hooks:

- woocommerce_add_to_cart
- woocommerce_add_cart_item_data
- woocommerce_calculate_totals

There is some custom code used to calculate a custom price for an item depending on individually set options.

There are a few problems here, at least:

A. When examining this, lines like:

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[FREEMIUM] A powerful countdown timer with evergreen mode to increase engagements and sales m.

We built our plugin called HurryTimer with goal to help users increasing engagements and sales by using an easy to use scarcity countdown timer.

Here are some of the top features of the plugin:

  • The evergreen mode: This allows to create dynamic countdowns for each new visitor regardless their locale time zone or the time they landed to site. This mode combines IP and Cookie for a strong detection.

  • The actions: You can run different actions when campaign expires like redirect user to another page, display a message, change stock status for WooCommerce stores, and more.

  • The appearance: We made customizing the countdown timer easy and flexible so users can create any style that fit their sites.

Your feedbacks are very welcomed.

Thank you!


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1-Hour NationBuilder Development Consultation - prep for large-ish project - Upwork

Hi there--we're looking for someone to help us do some fairly substantial custom development on our new NationBuilder site. In preparation, we'd like to talk with a few potential contractors about the details of the project and their recommendations. (As a freelancer myself, I believe your time should be valued--even time invested in getting a job ;)   

Mostly, we're looking to get a feel what's possible/not supported through the NB API, how "expensive" some of the development we're looking for might be (I'm a designer and am constantly amazed at how off my estimates on dev time for a particular feature tend to be) and what effect our customizations are likely to have on the overall operation/weight/performance of our site.

High level, we'll talk about:
- Theme building/customization
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Hubspot Setup with Content/Inbound Strategy - Upwork

We operate a 64,000 sq/ft nuclear bunker that provides historical entertainment as a venue. With activities such as historic tours, laser tag, escape rooms, and esports events we have a lot to offer.

Our current process however needs help. We have opted to look at using Hubspot to optimize the onboarding process and formulate a strategy for inbound marketing. We want to optimize the potential of advertising in facebook, google, and linkedin in order to achieve  SOLD OUT time slots and events.

You can take a look at www.enterthebunker.com to see what you will be working with to make this diamond in the rough SPARKLE!

The ideal freelancer we work with do the following:

- Analysis of our current processes for visitor experience from time they first visit our site, to the ongoing visitor relationship we maintain after they leave
- Proposed recommendations to implement
- Implement...
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[REQUEST] Membership portal with custom options

I'm looking for a plugin to help with a membership option on our new website. Basically, we're running an Education program where we have judges and schools participating. I'd love to have some kind of member portal where they can log in and create their own account, lost password, and all of that. But also something where we can release documents to select groups or people, where we can post notices or surveys to select people, etc. For example, we'd just want the 10 judges to have access to a survey, but not everyone who is registered.

Does something like this exist?

submitted by /u/jbuckeye10
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Mediacurrent: Our Clients’ Top 2019 Digital Marketing Challenges

What’s the one big challenge that marketers and CMO’s we partner with  are facing this year? It’s really tough to put a finger on just one. Proving impact on revenue, marketing team staffing, personalization, and marketing-IT alignment are among the hurdles voiced in discussions that Mediacurrent’s sales team are having with prospects and clients. We are finding CMO’s are pressed more than ever to show marketing’s value while the complexities and opportunities sprouting within digital continue to evolve. Let’s dive into each challenge and uncover what makes these hurdles difficult to jump — and the tools or approach that can help marketers overcome them.

Proving Impact on Revenue

Probably not surprising that last year Gartner surveyed where CMOs were spending marketing budgets...

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WordPress: Simple:Press - Needs fixing for it to work again - Upwork

I need help from someone who is familiar with simplepress (a wordpress plugin). I used it for a long time and it was working until my entire website got malware. Since then, I had to restore my site with a very old backup file.
While everything else was working, the simple press plugin did not work and my old content is still in there. I need help to restore it.

The error messages that I get are as follow.
1. I would first get an notice about the error (which looks like this - https://c2n.me/425hTTB)
2. One I click on "Perform Upgrade", I get this instead - https://c2n.me/425ihKU

Let me know if you are familiar and if you're able to help.

Please quote me a reasonable price. Thank you.

Posted On: June 14, 2019 18:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
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[FREE] Make private payments using a chat on your website

With the use of a private chat, you can now send payment requests to the other party. With just a click, the payment will be made. Check out this straightforward way of payment: https://www.rumbletalk.com/blog/index.php/2019/06/11/private-payments/

submitted by /u/cookiebear09
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[FREE] Make private payments using a chat on your website

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WooCommerce + BuddyPress E-commerce Developer: Product Reviews, Likes, Notifications, Custom Types - Upwork

Get WooCommerce Product Reviews, Likes, Custom Post type to appear in BuddyPress Activity Feed.

Found how to do it in this thread here: https://buddypress.org/support/topic/display-custom-post-types-in-activity-feed/

Also found where the post type should go: https://codex.buddypress.org/themes/bp-custom-php/

The goal is to get BuddyPress and WooCommerce to interact with each other in these ways below:

1. If a user adds an item to their wishlist, then they can click a checkbox to also share it on their activity feed with the ability to add a custom comment to their post. This would be similar to how someone would repost on Facebook.

                      i. Option 2:...
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Urgent Website Design: Sports Tipping Subscription Service - Upwork

We have an urgent design job for an existing website.

It is a website that promotes subscription packages for Sports betting tips for NBA, MLB and major sporting events.

The old site is outdated and we have a new visual style that has been developed already that can be applied to the existing content. We can provide a Sketch file and fonts but you can still explore the designs creatively.

What is required:
• We require polished desktop designs within 3 days (by the end of Sunday 17th)
• 9x Key pages
- Home
- Philosophy
- How It Works
- Membership
- Results
- FAQs
- About Us
- Blog
- Contact
• We want the website to have a SaaS feel.

We require the design files to be in Sketch. Once the desktop designs are signed off we require mobile designs also.

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Senior API Developer - UG19-01 - TELUS Digital - Vancouver, BC

Create awesome experiences for our customers. Join our team We're a customer-driven and product-minded team within TELUS, responsible for our company's...
From Telus Digital - Fri, 14 Jun 2019 01:26:01 GMT - View all Vancouver, BC jobs -

Senior API Developer - UG19-01 - TELUS Digital - Vancouver, BC

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Senior API Developer - TELUS Digital - Vancouver, BC

UG19-01 Create awesome experiences for our customers. Join our team We're a customer-driven and product-minded team within TELUS, responsible for our company...
From Telus Digital - Fri, 14 Jun 2019 01:26:01 GMT - View all Vancouver, BC jobs -

Senior API Developer - TELUS Digital - Vancouver, BC

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Frontend Wordpress Website Designer with strong creative and UX skills - Upwork

I am looking for another web design and development partner that has a STRONG FOCUS on creativity, user experience, and user interfaces, and best practices for SEO. 5+ yrs fulltime experience. I prefer a freelancer that is very detail oriented and spots design/code errors before I see them. Common sense really.

If you are detail oriented, then your workflow would be like...

- You are given an image that is 1900x768 pixels and the placement of the image requires 1700x500 pixels. Instead of just using the image and having the browser scale, you manually crop and resize the photo so it looks great in the area allocated.

- you will spend time to design around the content. You don't just throw text on a page and images. You will think about different ways of laying out the content so it's easier to read for the user.

- you also think for...
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[REQUEST] character manager plugin


hello I would like the above to be developed into a wordpress plugin where players/users create characters. then have those character approved by admins. I would like a way for admins to set the experience point level for all character to a central number. I would then like to have the admins approve any changes the user/players make to their character. I would like but not completely needed an easier way to change the entries in L5R_Character_Sheet/services/data-service.js so we can add more stuff.

submitted by /u/wargames-qcf
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Woocommerce - Subscription + Booking integration for a spa... - Upwork

WOOCOMMERCE EXPERT in subscriptions and bookings integration sought (also likely plugins for Groups/Smart coupons or alternate/extensions to booking module).

We want to make a recurring membership website option that gives local customers monthly credits/vouchers and discounts to use to book treatments in online booking calendar. We also want non-members to be able to book/buy directly one-off visits. Some retail items will be available but it is mostly for "time slots" available for specific times and only specific number of people for spa treatments. Ideally members have "credits" in system that make it easy for them to book directly and also manage or change booking and receive special discounts on other or additional services.

First we seek to buy expert advice in how to set up the products, membership menu, booking and recurring payments (already have...
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Kanopi Studios: 5 Things to Consider When Executing a Website Rebuild

You’ve decided it’s time to rebuild your website. Research has been done, conversion rates have been analyzed, the team has selected a rebuild over a focused fix, and you and your team are committed to making this happen. One of the easiest ways of ensuring your success is to remain mindful of a few key things as you work your way through this larger process.

Regarding that term, “mindful:” one of the Kanopi team’s favorite authors is Brené Brown. She writes, “Mindfulness requires that we not “over-identify” with thoughts and feelings so that we are not caught up and swept away by negativity.” For the purposes of your website rebuild, I’d adapt this to be, “Mindfulness requires that we not “over-focus” on what we’ve done before, and rather remain aware of what’s important for our success so that we can focus on where we want to be.”

So, let’s get to it...

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