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I was asked why a website doesn’t show up google.

Google has to index a website so it has to know what’s there and coming in cold there’s no easy way from the gold figure out when new domains are registered it will see the domain registry as do a lot of marketers and and people who want to up-sell you and stuff like your favorite register domain you’ll notice a whole flurry of them come in: they’re tracing new domains. Google does that too but Google has a lot more to work with and I think it at least looks a new website and thinks will it’s new, it doesn’t have adoption. If it doesn’t have adoption or a trend of traffic then probably it’s not popular unless it kind of rides into a topic in a way that makes a popular. For example, a good catch phrase that matches up pop culture trends could rise fast. Maybe “why are elephants the elephant population has gone up 40%” You know Stephen Colbert’s thing about elephants in Wikipedia where the population climbed by 40% one year. It was funny and it showed up Wikipedia kind of have some holes the main with that it could have ranked well if somebody high-profile like the Stephen Colbert show or CNN or somebody else that link to it and giving it kind of its own bump. In the absence of that weird bump your stuff while sitting up security for a while immediately after you get a domain name if it’s not posted it means the domain name has nowhere to be found on the internet so the exit after you get hosting going the DNS has to kick in and the DNS will show off where the site is and then you’ll get to see the content and Google get the index to content but there are so many more popular sites in a brand new site that Google effectively barrier content until you start your stripes.

Google with assess good content some strong utility people waiting to your site and considering it popular invalid because Google will take other people’s opinion as an opinion of why it should rank something well so that’s why I went to site first launches is totally obscure. Then it doesn’t have anything of value and then it starts to move up the adoption curve and that that point it starts to become something worth checking out so it till you get that point where it’s worth checking out your new site.

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