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Who Still Does Drupal?

That’s a simple question, isn’t it? If you look at the job postings in IT, there is a big call for Drupal. Maybe your developer talked you into Drupal. That would have been one smart choice: Drupal is flexible and powerful. It’s great for non-profits who need to organize a lot of data. Drupal is great for companies that want to have a lot of control over what they present; how it is formatted; and how it interrelates with other services and systems. Drupal is a powerhouse for content management. If you have had to patch WordPress and clean up after it’s security exploits leave your site exposed, you would come to appreciate what Drupal can do.

Who does Drupal? I used to through my Drupal agency, here in Victoria, Shawn DeWolfe Consulting. More recently, I focused my attention to getting better and better at WordPress. I have a good system for migrating sites from Drupal to WordPress. If that is of interest to you, contact us.

Drupal can be very complex. It doesn’t have to be complicated. My design philosophy is to look at what is necessary to achieve the project success and then I drive for that execution. Instead of using every crayon in the box, I try to build a design that re-uses concepts and tools. All life on this planet is shaped by four molecules in DNA. If nature can turn out millions of species and trillions of lifeforms by riffing on four interlocking chemicals, I think technology can take a cue from nature. I try to make things simple, clear, reproducible, flexible and scalable. That means I can accomplish a lot for a small operation. My consulting business is centrally myself. When I need specialty skills (graphic design, SEO, data entry, research, copywriting, photography, etc.) I bring in experts in those disciplines. It’s like an operation: talk to your surgeon, but when the work gets underway, a whole team that supports the success.

Do you have a website in mind? Let’s talk. I think you would be surprised what I can propose and what I can accomplish.