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Custom Web Applications

We build custom web applications to create a perfect fit for your operational needs. We use a comprehensive suite of tools to deliver our websites and our integrations. Sometimes, though, a tool doesn’t work exactly as needed out of the box. By going for a custom integration, you get to bypass the challenges that can come from a one-size-fits-all off-the-shelf solution.

Our drive to deliver the ideal custom web app is guided by three key factors: return on investment, scope and extensibility.


The main reason businesses go for non-custom solutions is cost. Custom applications can be time-consuming to build and deploy. More than that: they need to earn their keep. A custom web application has to either generate savings – or sales – greater than the development costs. We’ll do the math for you, and press to only deliver a solution that wins on ROI.


To be successful, an application has to be purpose-built and it has to cover all the required functionality. We work to define the scope, impacts and outcomes. Throughout a project, we work with change management principles to ensure we always keep within the intent of the project goals.


We don’t like applications that are so specialized that they can only do one thing without breaking. We build our applications with some future-proofing in mind: we use coding principles to allow extensibility through module add-ons; and data models that reflexively build from the data source (that means new data shows up everywhere it’s supposed to be).

Custom applications are not as expensive as you might think, and can offer significant advantages over off-the-shelf solutions. Talk to us to find out if a custom solution might be the answer for your business’s unique needs.