Policies and Practices


First contact: we get to know you, your project’s goal and your needs.
Engagement Decision: we can engage in one of three methods:
  • As per task: We can carry out work to fulfill your needs.
  • As per project: We can build a project estimate for how to satisfy your project needs:
    • Sole source procurement: When we are engaged for work, we will define a statement of work and define the scope of the project.
    • Short proposal: We can prepare a short form proposal and brief statement of work for your project; and the intended budget. Tasks that are not covered in the statement of work will be charged on a per hour rate. These proposals are prepared as a sales exercise. There is no cost for the preparation short proposals. They remain confidential documents to only shared with Those DeWolfes Creative and the prospective client.*
    • Long proposal: We can prepare an in-depth analysis of your project and its requirements. This preparation would be a per task engagement. The prepared document would be owned by our client for use as they please. If a client accepts our long proposal, half of the preparation costs incurred in its preparation will be credited to the project.
  • As per retainer: We can serve a number of roles and provide talent as you require. We will work out the deliverables of the interaction:
    • hours per month of availability
    • days and hours of availability
    • task areas
    • turn around time expectation on emails, chat messages and inbound phone calls.

Procession and Deposit Phase: acceptance of our statement of work, or our proposal (long or short) and payment of a deposit will engage us on your project.
Engagement Duration: our engagement work in two week cycles. At the close of each duration cycle, we will bill for the work carried out or the retainer fees incurred.

Industry Terms, Concepts and Buzzwords

There are a number of terms and concepts that we will ask if you feel comfortable and informed about. These will likely be key elements of a project and we will assess your grasp of the concepts.
  • HTML
  • Content management systems
  • Responsive design
  • Web hosting
  • User experience
  • Readability

Billing Practices and Billing Cycles

Minimums and Maximums
Our minimum engagement level is $2500 + GST. In the case of projects, we require a deposit of 50% of the budget goal before substantive work can begin. In the case of tasks, we require a deposit of the minimum fee. Tasks will applied against the engagement balance.
None of our projects and tasks are fixed price deliverable projects. We will estimate a budget goal, but all parties need to recognize that change management will affect the final costs and the time-frame of delivery.
Billing Cycle
Bills will be prepared every two weeks. The first bill is due upon receipt. We will draw upon any deposits and credits received. Thereafter bills are issued on a bi-weekly basis for work carried out and expenses incurred in the previous two-week cycle. If an invoice is overdue, we reserve the right to pause until overdue invoices are reconciled
These are the hourly rates for projects contracted from January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019.
Project Management - $120 per hour, billed in quarter-hour units rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.
Graphic Designer - $80 per hour, billed in quarter-hour units rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes.
Developer - $80 per hour, billed in quarter-hour units rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.
Data Entry - $60 per hour, billed in quarter-hour units rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes.
Newsletter Prep - $50 per hour, billed in full-hour units.
Clerical - $40 per hour, billed in quarter-hour units rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes.
Additional Fees
For projects with estimated prices, there are additional fees that will be added to the project costs should they arise.
File Storage in excess of 200MB, will cost $10 per GB per month. After the duration of the project, the fees and storage can be continued, but we will default to the removal of those files at the close of a project unless storage continuation is requested.
Email correspondence, instant messages via chat and SMS text messages may be charged at a minimum of 15 min. per replied to inbound message billed at our hourly developer rate.
Phone calls, Skype calls and in-person meetings will be charged at a minimum of 15 min. per meeting or call billed at our hourly developer rate.
Travel time incurred to meetings and on-site location in excess of 30 minutes in travel from the vicinity of Hillside St. and Quadra St. in Victoria BC will be charged at a minimum of 15 min. billed at our hourly developer rate.
Overdue Invoices and Fees
Retainer fees and ongoing agreements are due at the onset of a billing period and must be paid prior to service beginning. In the case of ongoing, there is a three day grace period from the date of issue of an invoice, after which time, the work will be discontinued.
Overdue invoices will be charged at a rate of 10% interest per month until they age to three months, when they will be passed on for third-party resolution.
We will pass overdue invoices that age more than three months to collections and / or remedy via litigation. We reserve the right to refer overdue invoices that have aged more than one calendar month to collections and / or remedy via litigation at our discretion.

* If shared with a third party, the contents and the budget of a short proposal are considered to be accepted by the client. Accepted budgets will be invoiced and considered due for payment.
** This page is published under Creative Commons. Feel free to copy and alter this page's content for use by your company.