Web Design for Tradebank Members

Trade Your Way to a Website

Your business faces some stiff competition. Connect with your clients via the Internet. You need a solid Web presence to thrive in your business.

If the biggest obstacle to the best website possible is cash, use your Tradebank dollars! Trade your business capacity and inventory. Trade that for the best web site possible.

With over 20 years of experience, Shawn Dewolfe Consulting is customer-focused, results oriented design house that provides unique online solutions to businesses, organizations throughout Canada, US and Europe. We have partnered with Tradebank Canada to deliver the best web design possible for the best price possible.

What is BarterPay?

BarterPay is Canada's largest barter exchange. It's national with new markets opening all the time. Since its founding in 1996, they have built a network of over 3,000 member businesses in BC, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan. BarterPay clients generate over one million dollars in new revenue every month.

Zoom into one market: They broker the day-to-day trading of over 1,500 members in the Golden Horseshoe and Brantford directly out of our Corporate Office in Stoney Creek, Ontario. The other 2,500 members are brokered from franchised locations. They continue to look for new franchisees in markets that currently do not have a BarterPay presence.

BarterPay members are part of an exclusive network of business who tap into other businesses to buy, sell and build connections.

BarterPay: Math, Money and Wins

BarterPay requires that the first $5,000 of a transaction is carried out in trade dollars. We fully honour that rule when we get into a web design project with one of our BarterPay partners..

For transactions about $5,000, we split the remainder of a project into 50% cash and 50% trade.

For example:

$2,000 - All trade dollars and no cash.

$5,000 - All trade dollars and no cash.

$10,000 project:
$5,000 - Trade dollars plus
$2,500 - Trade dollars (50% of the $5,000 remaining)
$2,500 - Cash (50% of the $5,000 remaining)

When you work with us, it lets you build a web site with brains: part marketing engine and part business processing.

What We Can Do

  • Mobile ready website - We insist on making designs that look great and load great on mobile devices, tablets and TVs.
  • Shareable Content - All of your content will be made to be innately shareable on social media.
  • Turn-key Editing Systems - you can make small changes or we can. By making the system easy to use, it make it faster to carry out updates. That turns into a win-win of taking less time and less money to stay current.
  • Contact management - Our sites come with contact forms and points of contact so that your clients can reach you.
  • Marketing extensions - We have the inside track on premium marketing tools that will make your website stand out from the competition.

Join our list of clients

We love adding new clients to this list. Are you ready to get an awesome website paid for with your BarterPay currency?

Our BarterPay Clients

Eco Islands Painting

When they came to us this Winter, they had a problem: a growing problem. They used to advertise in the phone book. That use to mean your ad one some yellow page under "Painters." They needed more market share and reached into the digital domain with the hefty pricing strategy that a lot of businesses have endured for decades. But the secret is out: advertisers don't need to pay an arm and a leg to get exposure.

Island Tradelink

Island Tradelink is a Commercial Trade Exchange where businesses large and small trade for goods and services rather than paying cash for them. They operate on Vancouver Island connecting business who want to turn available time and supplies into products they can trade with other members. As they say, "Call it BARTER or call it TRADE. We simply know that a great deal of business is transacted everyday on our system." We built a website for them using WordPress and Connections Pro.
Island Tradelink Members Systems built with WordPress and Connections Pro

Contact Us!

What is your current website? If you don't have a website, do you have a different online presence (eg. a Facebook page or a directory listing)
What else did you want to add at this time?

Who Do We Want to Work With?

Who do we want to work with?

Short answer: Everyone.

Long answer: we would be really excited to expand into these market verticals. If you have a BarterPay business in one of these market segments, contact us! We have already done work in these markets. We know what works and we would be really excited to talk about what we can do for your business.

  • Solar power installations. Adding solar panels to homes and businesses. Adding solar water heating to rooftops.
  • Alternative energy: wind, micro-hydro, wave power and solar
  • Home improvements (painting, finishing carpentry, plumbing, roofing, drywall, carpeting, flooring)
  • Beauty salons
  • Inns, resorts, AirB&B, hotels, camp sites.
  • Car dealers: We have an awesome system to allow you to list all of your cars and keep your inventory up to date.
  • Property management: would you like to manage all of your properties and units from one place?
  • Orthodontists, dentists, dental surgeons.
  • RV sales and rentals. We can set up your site with everything your need to sell more mobile homes and recreational vehicles
  • Fashion retailers: clothing and accessories.
  • Real estate developments: let us build the website that lets you build the dream.