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Blethering Place

From the Blethering Place website: "At the corner of Oak Bay Avenue and Monterey you may step back in time and enjoy a memorable dining experience. The Blethering Place Team Room & Restaurant."

Imagine Words and Music

IMAGINE WORDS AND MUSIC INC. is a full-service audio production company, offering highly creative and cost-effective music for radio, television, film and live events. We help radio and television advertisers get better results by creating a "sound logo" which "brands" their broadcast image, the same way their print logo identifies them in print. Imagine Word & Music kept our site in production for a decade before updating their look.

Robert Hall Trading Seminars

Stock market veteran, Robert Hall launched a series of semniars: The full day seminars are specifically designed for people who want to make money actively trading stocks at home using professional trading tactics, their own computer, charting/tracking software, and discount broker. I was recruited to develop the website to share event information. The work was in collaboration with a branding company who had their design worked out before the Web was contemplated.


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