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Sidney BC Web Design

Web design is about communicating your message via the Internet. It’s a fusion of interactivity and tailoring. Web design is its own beast and we know how to tame the beast. As a web development firm, we know act fast. Enterprises need to get their websites going and we respond to that with a set of tools and processes to deliver results. We marry design, communication strategies and technical experience to deliver a project that is snappy, effective and engaging. We love working with local businesses in Sidney and the Saanich Peninsula. Being a part of their success if really exciting.

We deliver the same tools and capabilities as the big players, but do it all on a much smaller budget.

For your project, we assemble the best team. Our designer, developers and content creation specialists know the Internet inside and out; graphic designers who know how to deliver the best visuals; let our copywriters mesmerize your audience; and let us partner you with the best SEO consultants available. Our specialists team up to deliver you the best results.

We use industry standards and standardization combined with the right amount of innovation. We know how to combine powerhouse content management tools and with innovative strategies. We give you a solid product and build on that using WordPress, Drupal or BootStrap as the starting point. We know what makes them tick. We build on that foundation of predictability, flexibility and economy. We it all comes together our clients win.

We Started Doing Content Management in the 1990s. We Know Content Management.

We have built content management systems from scratch. In the last five years, we opted to lean on existing free Open Source software like the content management system, WordPress ( Leveraging WordPress allows us to deliver site implementations for an affordable cost and pass those savings onto the client. We concentrated on making the logic of the site and the visuals of the site work to deliver your message and draw in your audience.

Everyone Should Be Thinking About ROI

When we do a website for a client, we are hyper-aware of the return on investment. If you spend $500 on a web page it better generate $500+ business. Ideally, $500 should yield $1000 or more in sales. Some businesses don’t get a big sales bump out of ads, design, e-commerce or SEO. We work to make ROI align with the client budget and the client’s goals. We know what it takes to make a web site take off and that will figure heavily in the strategy we will put in place.

Results Trump Pride

We are addicted to performance improvements. Our favourite podcast is Terry O’Reilly’s “Age of Persuasion” — it inspires us to do better at connecting our clients with their customers. We strive to align your needs and your business approach, with the established way that things are done: searches, titles appearance, page scrolling and a score of other conventions. We find the places where innovation will grab people. Building a better mousetrap is possible. We show you how.

WordPress: The Best Way To Get Online

All of our installations follow the best practices to deliver a site that is attractive, effective, easy to use and powerful. Key features:


What Makes WordPress Awesome For Victoria Businesses?

Easy to use website editor

You’ll be able to edit your site yourself within your web browser using our incredibly easy and powerful editor that is constantly updated.

Analytics to track your visitors

We integrate Google Analytics into all sites so that you can track visitors, page views, visitor sources and conversions.

Done right, right from the start!

All of our installs come with SEO tools to give your site what it needs to be adopted and well indexed by the major search engines. These tools also allow for excellent social sharing opportunities.

Unlimited themes to choose from

We have an unlimited number of WordPress themes to choose from. Select a winning theme from our huge theme showcase to see how your site can look. We will customize colors, images and logos.

Get online FAST

Follow our proven system and you can get online in as little as 7 days. We can design and deploy quickly.

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Other Services: Strategy, Planning & Advocacy

Web Design Strategy

What does it take to get big? Like really big? Success on the web is all about the technicalities and how they fit into the big vision. We have done websites of all sizes and we know what’s required to successfully execute a site.

Web Design Advocacy

Web development projects can be complex. We want to take the stress out of your project. We’re in your corner. We will work to get you a full featured end result that gives your project everything possible.

Innovation Planning

You have a cool idea. What will it take to make it a viable even successful idea? We help you come up with an idea that is viable, catchy and has a unique offering to its audience.