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Technology Consulting

Desktop Application Development

Do you need a desktop application to build productivity from your date sources? Proceeding from a proven process reviewing the project goals and creating software specifications; and proceed to architect and develop a solid system. Customized desktop application solutions will help to boost your efficiency. The end result will be a desktop solution this is effective, sturdy and flexible.

Web Design Advocacy

Web development projects can be complex. There is no “industry standard” for web design, delivery or pricing and that means the cost of a web development project can swing wildly. Take a project to two developers and you may see $1000 or $100,000 come back as the quote for the exact same project! Take the stress out of your project. Let me act as the techie-to-management translation system to put a reality check to your project, the quotes, the development workflow and the expectations. I have almost 20 years of Internet experience and I partner with specialists in niche knowledge areas. We know the internet inside and out. Let’s take that experience and apply it to your project. We will work to get you a full featured end result that gives your project everything possible.

How do we work?

First, we have an introductory session and talk about your website and where it currently stands; your goals; and your constraints (time-frame, budget, attention). If you are in the middle of the project, I will act on your behalf to operate with the developers. I will take your project goals and harmonize them; then take what we hear from the developers and make that into something sensible for all involved. This is about taking non-technical needs and questions and make them into something a techie can act on. Take technical and complicated details; and distill them so they are clear for you.

Innovation Planning

You have a cool idea—but what will it take to make it viable, even successful? After seeing twenty years of websites, we’ve seen it all. We can help you take your cool idea and flesh it out. The result? Something catchy and memorable with a unique offering to your audience.

How do we work?

First, we’ll have an introductory session and talk about your idea. We’ll work together to shape your vision and then talk about where we go from there. During this session, we’ll cover the following:

  • market player research (who else is out there)
  • feature planning (what does it need?)
  • marketability (will people go for it?)
  • site development team, sourcing and vetting
  • project requirements (what will it take to make it real?)