Newspaper Redesign Proposal


This was submitted in 2012 for a $1500+ (CAD) proposal for a WordPress Web Design.

We will build an incarnation of The Newspaper using the Wordpress blog/CMS software, combined with a number of number of existing plugins. Where the plug-in functionality does not fulfill the site’s needs, we will extend, alter or create a plug-in to fit. This bid will include the implementation of the site and technical support via email and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as needed. In addition, we will make sure that the site is ideal for search engine placement to make The Newspaper prominent and easy to find.

Our goals will be to heighten user experience; make adding content very straight forward; allow for easy administration and a smooth path for the later addition of new functionality beyond the scope of this project.

The end product will be an aesthetically pleasing website that is cross browser compliant (IE 7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). The site will be able to leverage branding and Newspaper creative.

Our staff will be happy to offer content administration tutoring and continuing support if required. We can offer a range of training from basic content addition through to administration of the architectural elements of your site. We can also offer post-installation support beyond the training.

We have been developing applications in PHP for the last 12 years and have been developing CMS-driven sites with Wordpress and Drupal for the last four years. We have done a number of installations and upgrades of varying complexities. Our team’s track record includes work for XXX, BBC, WHO, UNICEF, XXX and other organizations and entities.

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