Over the years, I have written a lot of proposals. If you're a developer you likely have written them too. Have you looked at another company's proposal? Do you want to? This is a growing list of proposals. The personal information has been severed, but the majority of the details are there. Check them out!
In 2012, I tried my hand at SEO work. It went so-so. I was able to raise the rankings of my clients, but it was hard work. By choosing to work with clients who didn’t have a budget, I painted myself into a corner. Promotion sometimes involves throwing money at a problem. Money isn’t the only way to popularize a website, but it is a factor. In the end, my $400/mo. budget was too much for this client.
This was handed off to the business people for submission in 2011 so that they could try to get IRAP funding for our startup. Canada’s NRC runs the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). It provides financial support to qualified small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada to help them undertake technology innovation.
This was submitted in 2012 for a $500/mo.+ (CAD) proposal for search engine readiness and prominence building. The client didn’t see any value to having their content made to be ideal for SEO. While they baulked at a proposal that would cost about $10,000 to execute, they blew $200,000 for graphic design per year when the graphic design didn’t factor much into their products.
This was submitted in 2012 for a $1500+ (CAD) proposal. That was too little. I knew it. The University Newspaper didn’t have any money available but they were prominent. I knew that going in, so I committed the sin of working for exposure.
This was submitted in 2013 for a $24,000+ (USD) proposal for a Drupal Web Design. I think the sin of proposal writing is that you frequently don’t know what the ideal budget is. I have written proposals for $40k projects only to find they were rejected because the prospective client didn’t think a $40k proposal was serious but a $100k proposal would get their attention. It’s about the Goldilocks zone.