Monique Jacob - New WordPress Website


Monique Jacob - New WordPress Website

Local author, Monique Jacob, asked for a website to highlight her works. Monique Jacob has been writing stories and songs since her first tortured-teen ramblings and she’s never managed to outgrow the habit. She stares at the walls an awful lot and has yet to convince anyone that this is when she’s working the hardest. She's a chronic storyteller whose worlds are populated with memorable characters navigating extraordinary journeys: hippy witch doctors, serial mortals, fake psychics, tree-hugging psychopaths and old ladies with too many cats. Born in Germany, Monique has moved 29 times in 9 cities and now makes her home on the West Coast, somewhere between Seattle and Vancouver – as the crow flies. She is the author of Tye Dye Voodoo and the newly-released Voodoo Mystery Tour.

We built a clean, efficient site. It's easy to manage via a WordPress interface. We built a custom plugin to show off items in a carousel display and then posted that plugin to for others to use.

This site was built with WordPress to make an easy to manage and attractive site. To display books and links to purchase them online.

The site has:
  • Books
  • Carousel Slider
  • Goodreads Tie-In
  • It uses the Preface theme built for writers with WordPress websites