Island Tradelink


Island Tradelink

Island Tradelink is a Commercial Trade Exchange where businesses large and small trade for goods and services rather than paying cash for them. They operate on Vancouver Island connecting business who want to turn available time and supplies into products they can trade with other members. As they say, "Call it BARTER or call it TRADE. We simply know that a great deal of business is transacted everyday on our system." We built a website for them using WordPress and Connections Pro.

Connections Pro For WordPress

This site was built using WordPress. The Connections Pro WordPress plugin was deployed and augmented to give the Tradelink membership access to each other's public listings of content. Connections Pro is a directory plugin for WordPress. Its simplicity in design and function, vast array of unique features and versatility are the reasons more and more people are turning to Connections for their directory needs. We custom built a Connections Pro template to organize and present the members in searchable directory. We've used Connections Pro to create anything from a simple address book, maintain a staff directory and even run a business or link directory. Connections was built bottom up to be as configurable as possible while providing the features you need.

Google Custom Search

Connections Pro data isn't readily searchable like the posts or pages of a WordPress site. To get around that, we deployed Google Custom Search to index the whole of the site and make it available to users. WordPress has a relatively good search functionality but tends to get sluggish and doesn't match keywords that well. This is even more apparent when your site is quite large and you have many posts and/or pages. In addition, WordPress search functionality display results ordered by date and not by its relevance to the keywords.

Layout with Bootstrap

The layout came from the direction of veteran designer, Bill Code; and we used the Bootstrap theme. One of the biggest advantages of using Bootstrap is the speed of development. To release a new website or application quickly, you should definitely consider using Bootstrap. Rather than coding from scratch, Bootstrap enables you to utilize ready made blocks of code to help you get started. Combine that with cross-browser compatibility and CSS-Less functionality, many hours of coding can be saved. Bootstrap creates a very polished look in the shortest time-frame possible.