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“Able to Lead” is a Digital Archive on Eugene Kingsley’s political life at the intersection of class, disability and socialism in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada.

This site was built with Drupal 7. It uses Views, panels, CSS and Javascript to create an interactive guide through the archives of news clippings.

What makes it special

The Views module allows administrators and site designers to create, manage, and display lists of content. Each list managed by the views module is known as a “view”, and the output of a view is known as a “display”. Displays are provided in either block or page form, and a single view may have multiple displays. Optional navigation aids, including a system path and menu item, can be set for each page-based display of a view.

By default, views may be created that list content (a Node view type), content revisions (a Node revisions view type) or users (a User view type). A view may be restricted to members of specific user roles, and may be added, edited or deleted at the Views administration page.