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Salish Weave supports the artists who create contemporary art in the traditional Salish art form and actively promotes awareness of Salish culture and art through Education.

Salish Weave began in 2000 following the immediate attraction to the style and aesthetic of Salish art. The curators learned about the revival of this art form and about the artists who made it their practice. They also learned that Coast Salish art was under-represented in the native art landscape of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

By 2003, they decided to only collect works made in the traditional Coast Salish style. Our purpose was twofold: to promote awareness of Coast Salish art, and to support the artists who are reviving it. In 2004, Salish Weave actively started collecting and acquired carvings, drums and paintings, as well as silkscreen prints. They commissioned four of these prints from three artists of Vancouver Island.

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