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In a bid to make our roadways safer, Carmanah Traffic builds signals and beacons powered by the Sun. These solutions are easy to deploy and maintain. The signals are a key part of making the roads safer.

In 2018, we worked with Carmanah to plan out the new design. The design planning was handded off to an agency for design execution. We created integrations between WordPress elements like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and Gravity PDF. We migrated the content away from a Drupal 7 install and into a WordPress site that stood alone to present their product line with concision.

What makes it special

  • We built an integration between WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and a PDF generator. Users can select features for their traffic solution, then have that emailed to them as a PDF.
  • Built functional mega-menus on the site
  • Improved site performance
  • Made the site more extensible through advanced custom fields (ACF)