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Carmanah Industries creates solar lighting solutions. Their line of street lights have been found in parking lots, roadways and pedestrian walkways in North America and beyond. By going for solar lighting, municipalities and businesses with large surfaces to light can take advantage of an endless power source: the Sun. By being off the grid, solar lights can shine during blackouts. The company is fantastic and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with them for years.

In 2017, we embarked on a redesign of their Solar Lighting vertical. The move away from Drupal to WordPress gave us new opportunities. Shawn DeWolfe Consulting helped with the planning, the data migration and several key elements of the design. In 2019, Carmanah sold Sol Lighting to Sunna Designs in France.

What makes it special

We created a build-price form. The solar estimator calls for Google Maps. It takes coordinates and passes them to the estimator application from Carmanah. It then returns a data sheet with pricing, specs and sunlight estimates. The information is available for users as a downloadable PDF.

We have maintained the Solar Lighting site since its launch. We have integrated Hubspot with the WordPress website. We have carried out performance improvements to allow the site to load faster.