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The owner of Eco Islands Painting has been painting professionally in the Greater Victoria area. It was with that history of experience and skill that he founded his business in 2010, with the mission of providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional painting services.

When Eco Islands first came to us, they had a growing problem: they used to advertise in the phone book. In the old days, that meant your ad showed up on some yellow page under “Painters.” When the yellow pages needed more market share to grow, they reached into the digital domain, further extending the hefty pricing strategy that a lot of businesses have endured for decades.

The owners of Eco Islands didn’t want to keep paying the yellow pages market premium when they knew cheaper and more effective options were available. When they closed down their ad on the paper version of the phone book, it shut down their presence on the web version as well. We took on the project of getting their web presence back, and stronger than ever.

When building their new site, we went the extra mile to get all of Eco Islands Painting online touch points to point to the new incarnation of their website. Local businesses have to compete with others in their field. Upgrading their website to a new look while preserving their link ecosystem added a little bit of oomph to give Eco Islands improved prominence.

What makes it special

  • WordPress
  • Gallery Building
  • Content archaeology