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Old work done under contract for other firms

Communication Initiative

In 2006, I was bought on board of the Communication Initiative to update their site. It was launched 10 years prior driven by batch job page building and CGI. It had amassed over 30,000 pages of content for the communication for development field of international development. We undertook the work of building a new flexible platform using Drupal 5. We migrated in the content. This site was segmented into theme-able regions to align with special interests and highlights. The new look was dynamic and more user friendly. I worked on the architecture, the migration and the documentation.

Blethering Place

From the Blethering Place website: "At the corner of Oak Bay Avenue and Monterey you may step back in time and enjoy a memorable dining experience. The Blethering Place Team Room & Restaurant."

Synergy Resources

Synergy Resources is a New York based ERP company. It's focus is B2B and performance improvements. Funny coincidence: that was our focus too.. We were involved in overhauling their branding, advancing the look of their site and optimizing it for performance. Along the way, we integrated with online experience with Google Maps, Youtube, Yahoo Business, and carried out other work to elevate the visibility of their site and their position in the marketplace.

Automatic MMA

The Automatic line of health supplements was backed by the Automatic MMA website. In 2012 and 2013, I worked on that website.

Imagine Words and Music

IMAGINE WORDS AND MUSIC INC. is a full-service audio production company, offering highly creative and cost-effective music for radio, television, film and live events. We help radio and television advertisers get better results by creating a "sound logo" which "brands" their broadcast image, the same way their print logo identifies them in print. Imagine Word & Music kept our site in production for a decade before updating their look.

Robert Hall Trading Seminars

Stock market veteran, Robert Hall launched a series of semniars: The full day seminars are specifically designed for people who want to make money actively trading stocks at home using professional trading tactics, their own computer, charting/tracking software, and discount broker. I was recruited to develop the website to share event information. The work was in collaboration with a branding company who had their design worked out before the Web was contemplated.

Seniors Serving Seniors Association

The Seniors Serving Seniors redesign was done in 2004 under the employment of the local organization, FCIP.
Seniors Serving Seniors Association began as a result of a meeting of seniors’ agency representatives brought together on the invitation of Gretchen Brewin, then Alderwoman, City of Victoria, to discuss the needs of senior citizens in the Victoria area. The discussion indicated that information services, seniors housing, advice bureau and coordination of services were not being met. This meeting resulted in a small committee being struck to plan for community conferences.


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