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Twenty-two years of web developments, means some old projects. Here are some examples of our very projects and the cool stuff we packed into the functionality. Click on the examples below to get more details about what we do and how we did it. Some of these project involved a lot of my work. Some had very little involvement beyond tweaking a theme or adding graphics.

Communication Initiative

In 2006, I was bought on board of the Communication Initiative to update their site. It was launched 10 years prior driven by batch job page building and CGI. It had amassed over 30,000 pages of content for the communication for development field of international development. We undertook the work of building a new flexible platform using Drupal 5. We migrated in the content. This site was segmented into theme-able regions to align with special interests and highlights. The new look was dynamic and more user friendly. I worked on the architecture, the migration and the documentation.

What makes it special?

  • Legacy-to-Drupal conversion
  • Mult-lingual
  • Remote teams
  • E-Commerce
  • Responsive Design

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Blethering Place

From the Blethering Place website: "At the corner of Oak Bay Avenue and Monterey you may step back in time and enjoy a memorable dining experience. The Blethering Place Team Room & Restaurant." Before we got to work on the Blethering Place website, it was a mess. The previous work had published all of the web content as bitmaps (aka BMP files). The pages took forever to download. Mind you: this was 1998 and bitmaps are bulky. The Blethering Place website was expected to pipe down through dial-up to the client site. Those bitmaps were invisible to Yahoo, Webcrawler and other search engines of the day. We took all of that content and turned it into easy to use, easy to search, easy to index web content.

What makes it special?

  • HTML
  • Restaurant

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Greater Victoria Electric Rail Society

This society was established eleven years ago and has a membership of approximately 100. Our organization meets on the second Tuesday of every month. New members and interested parties are invited to attend.

What makes it special?

  • HTML
  • Built for a society

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Synergy Resources

Synergy Resources is a New York based ERP company. It's focus is B2B and performance improvements. Funny coincidence: that was our focus too.. We were involved in overhauling their branding, advancing the look of their site and optimizing it for performance. Along the way, we integrated with online experience with Google Maps, Youtube, Yahoo Business, and carried out other work to elevate the visibility of their site and their position in the marketplace.

What makes it special?

  • Drupal
  • Sprites
  • Responsive design

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Automatic MMA

The Automatic line of health supplements was backed by the Automatic MMA website. In 2012 and 2013, I worked on that website.

What makes it special?

  • WordPress

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The Really Old Days

"Have you done many websites?" That question comes every now and again. The short answer is "yes." The less short answer is a list of the websites I built in the 1990s when I worked at FSI. They closed their doors in the early 2000s, but here's a short list of the sites I built with them back in the day:
  • Asset Accumulation Inc.
  • Alexander's Music
  • Aquamist Cleaning
  • Babychoice Paints
  • Beltone Hearing Labs
  • The Blethering Place
  • Canarus Enterprises
  • C & M Masonry
  • Chemainus Grand Prix
  • Commonwealth Scientific
  • The Deeton Group
  • EDP Auto Service
  • Eland Investments
  • Esquimalt Autoparts
  • Eversfield Landscaping
  • The Island Florist
  • Forward Financial
  • Galavan Catering
  • Gaslight Heating Services
  • Goodfellas Cigar Shop
  • Greater Victoria Electric Rail Society
  • Hatley Park Florist
  • Imagine Words And Music
  • Johnston's Jungian Psychology
  • Kevin Woodward: Free
  • Mayfair Florists
  • McKelvie Financial Services
  • Nanco Cleaning Services
  • Noble Car Buyers
  • Reddy Financial Services
  • Rattan Unlimited
  • Respighi String Quartet
  • Robert Hall Trading Seminars
  • San Jose Del Cabo condos
  • Scope Imprinting
  • Second Look Hair Studios
  • Shades Of White
  • Skyview Industries
  • Styles Auto Upholstery
  • The Victoria Dragonboat Festival
  • Victoria Outpatient Surgery
  • Wes-Tech Irrigation Services
  • Western Tuxedo Rentals


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