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SpendTrade and Tradebank Exclusive Deal on Web Design

Keep that cash in your company coffers and spend some of that hard earned trade cash!


We provide the best results for your web presence. Return on investment and good value are key elements in any successful business strategy. Elaborate doesn’t have to be complex. We turn complexity into clarity.

Web Development

Web design has evolved. We build sites tailored to your audience. We make your content easy to build, and easy to share from any device.

Choose one of two paths:

Websites That Are Pretty And Smart In One Package

We build B2B and B2C websites: turnkey solutions to publicize your business online. Our weapon of choice is the popular application, WordPress. We know how to extend and build out your website to give it all of the functionality you need to succeed.

Websites Built For Heavy Data Lifting

We offer elaborate websites to hold a wealth of data and present it to your audience. We use the website builder, Drupal to build powerhouses on the Internet. After nine years of Drupal development, it becomes pretty clear what works and what doesn’t. We get your website to work smarter and work better.

Technology Consulting

Outside of web design, Shawn DeWolfe has over two decades of IT experience (hardware support, database development, app development, project management). Let Shawn DeWolfe Consulting get involved in the technology questions you have.


We have special rates, exclusive to Tradebank members.

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