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7 Important Tips for Part Time Freelancers + 2 Bonus Tips!

Seven handy tips for freelancers (and two bonus tips!)

How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress

My goto plugin to duplicate a page is WordPress is “Duplicate Page.”  The plugin saves me a lot of time. I recommended it to a lot of my friends as well as install in on all of my website projects. With this WordPress plugin, a site admin can duplicate Posts, Pages and Custom Posts easily using single click from the post listing page.

Divi Slow To Load

Divi slow to load? Fewer files to request and smaller files are key. Each plugin and theme is likely to introduce several CSS and JS files apiece. Plugins like AutoOptimize can consolidate the CSS into fewer files and it can do the same with JavaScript. Almost every web server is capable of serving out files compressed with GZip. Almost every web browser is capable of decoding GZipped files.

Anatomy of a Drupal 7 to 8 Multisite Upgrade

I was contacted recently to assess the work involved in an upgrade of a corporate site with 14 verticals in a Drupal 7 multisite installation. In 2018, I embarked on the migration of eight verticals from a context driven Drupal 7 website to 8 separate WordPress installs. In short: I know what it takes get a website migrated away from Drupal 7.

Adding A Safety Net To The Web

Over the last two months, we developed a solution to keep WordPress sites well supported. We have an approach that promises an array of services. These services will keep client sites updated, secured and maintained.

Divi Loader Not Finishing Its Load

I am late to the game of loving the Divi page builder. It’s really great– or, it was until today.

Why did it jump the bridge and fail to load? Memory. As the site gets more elaborate, the Divi Builder got more encumbered; the code has conflicts and/or your environment doesn’t have the breathing room it needs.

Revitalize Your WordPress Site With 4 Simple Tricks

The company website has replaced the corporate hub of communications, marketing and sales efforts. As such, your website needs to set the right tone for your entire organization. Remember that your website is a place that people visit to learn more about you, what they should buy, and what they should know. Don’t waste your chance to make a great, first impression.

DIY vs. Design

For over two decades, I have been paid to design websites, solve technical problems and give people advice about websites, web publishing and WordPress web design. Should you pay me? Should you do it yourself?

W3 Cache Vulnerability through Salts – May 2019

W3 total cache had a remote code execution vulnerability come out yesterday.

How does this work? The implementation of `opcache_flush_file` calls `file_exists` with a parameter fully controlled by the user.

11 Online Business Services (plus 2 bonuses)

Building a successful business is never easy, but there is absolutely no reason to make it any harder than it has to be. These eleven online services can take a lot of the repetitive work off your hands so you can focus on building success

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