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IDX for Wix

Wix does not support Internet Data Exchange (IDX) integration for Real Estate agents. While Wix is always looking to update and improve their products. They don’t have a home-grown solution.
Do you need Wix if it lacks this? Here are some alternatives:


Drupal is a really flexible and powerful content management system. The ideal solution to tie-in the real estate database (IDX) is Drealty: a module for Drupal 7 that allows brokerages and agents with access to RETS real estate listings feeds to connect their Drupal website. A Drupal powered real estate website can download the data to provide a full fledged solution to show off properties.


The best IDX plugin out there is IDX Broker. It’s the most used IDX service in the US. It’s monthly price tag is of issue, but the quality of the functionality is worthwhile.
Other contenders that can deploy:

  • Spatial Match: Offers softer “lifestyle” information that could be spun into something interesting for your audience.
  • rewIDX:This plugin alright, but it comes with a poison pill: it’s content is in an iframe. Translation: great for your customers, lousy for your search rankings.
  • MyRealPages: Canadian realtors can use this feature rich IDX tie-in.

Javascript / IFrame

While Wix lacks an IDX add-on, you can still have IDX on your site.