IDX for Wix

Wix does not support Internet Data Exchange (IDX) integration for Real Estate agents. While Wix is always looking to update and improve their products. They don’t have a home-grown solution.
Do you need Wix if it lacks this? Here are some alternatives:


Drupal is a really flexible and powerful content management system. The ideal solution to tie-in the real estate database (IDX) is Drealty: a module for Drupal 7 that allows brokerages and agents with access to RETS real estate listings feeds to connect their Drupal website. A Drupal powered real estate website can download the data to provide a full fledged solution to show off properties.


In WordPress, use WPL Pro from RealtyNA*.

  • WPL Pro is the most feature-rich, flexible, scalable and extendable WordPress plugin for creating Real Estate websites / portals.
  • WPL Pro is the core product for WPL Platform, including lots of useful add-on extensions, for different business needs. Even on its own, WPL Pro can be used to create an advanced website.
  • With normal server settings it supports 100,000+ listings, as well as an unlimited number of users. And with some server optimization it is capable of supporting millions of listings.
  • One time payment, lifetime updates, one year support and optional support renewal from the second year.
  • Can be installed on your hosting/server.
  • Provides full control over the website contents and plugins.

Other contenders that can deploy:

  • Spatial Match: Offers softer “lifestyle” information that could be spun into something interesting for your audience.
  • rewIDX:This plugin alright, but it comes with a poison pill: it’s content is in an iframe. Translation: great for your customers, lousy for your search rankings.
  • MyRealPages: Canadian realtors can use this feature rich IDX tie-in.

Javascript / IFrame

While Wix lacks an IDX add-on, you can still have IDX on your site.

* We have an affiliate link with RealtyNA