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I am not a CPC or PPC or CPA or (three-letter with C and P are in there somewhere) kind of a guy. I build sites for others who then populate their site with good data.
Still, the lure of this approach: build a site, people flock to it, and you reap the revenue. Lots of online marketers talk about this field. They always miss out some key detail that makes you need to buy their product. But you should buy their product– it’s so easy to make $700/day! If it were, then everyone would be making $700/day. Likely, they are making their $700/day from you falling for their claims of fast money.

Here are some of the dynamics of the “Get Rich Quick” game:

  • These guys charge to tell you the missing piece.
  • They tell you they make $500/day but they don’t mention how much the spend nor how much of this $500/day is lost to advertising.
  • You don’t need to sell a product! (Though some are all about making a “product” and selling said product)
  • You likely have to spam a lot of people via email.
  • You likely have to spend a lot of advertising
  • They all talk about the money climbing
  • Some people are doing it and they are making money at it.

What they don’t talk about is the first $10,000 mark. I understand about getting the second or third $10,000 volley. That’s how business works– it’s a machine. When it starts to hum it keeps going. But how do you start the fire? How do you get that first $10,000?

Well, that’s what I want to talk about. Over the next year, I am going to post a collection of findings. What works, what doesn’t, the scams, the lingo. I am going to try to net $10,000 through this “online marketing” craft/art/science/dark art. As I go, I’m going to share what I find. If there’s a download involved, it’s going to be available for free (not free after you register). I may link to other sites where the dark arts are being practiced, but I will caveat all links and not throw you to the wolves (yes, I know there’s an irony of that claim coming from a DeWolfe).

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