Drupal Maintenance

Drupal is a really powerful publishing tool. If your requirements are more complicated than a basic install, you need help to get the most out of this tool. Post visibility, e-commerce, photo galleries, design changes-- all of these take some time to figure out. Let a Drupal expert help for a couple of hours here. Let us get you what you need. We've been doing Drupal development for almost 10 years and we know what we're doing.
Maintaining your website is vital, but we can also make it stress free. We keep your site up to date to fend off hackers and keep your audience engaged. We build our sites and our content to draw in visitors and funnel them into prospects-- whether they're on the latest browsers and or on mobile devices. A well maintained install of Drupal is the perfect way to manage your web presence. We can help you maintain your Drupal site.
Drupal Management:
  • Update your current Drupal version, theme and modules.
  • A full backup of your site at the outset of our services agreement.
  • A backup before we install updates.
  • Drupal core updates as they come
  • Drupal module updates
  • A backup once per month (for an additional fee we can do daily and weekly backups).
  • Up to six additional backups per year at your request.
  • We will install all security updates and current versions at the outset.
  • We will install new security updates and versions within 24 hours.
  • Setup Google Analytics tracking and alerts.
  • We will setup a Google Webmasters account.

Let's Get Started

Search Engine Ready

Get ready for search engines. Search engines are the main way that most websites get discovered. THat is an art called, "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO). Get found easier by getting your WordPress SEO ready.
  • we start with an assessment of your SEO health and search engine prominence.
  • we assess your site to look for anything that could hinder your success
  • we will an SEO optimization tool
  • we will offer before and after advice on five pages (for additional fee, we can optimize additional pages)

Academic Websites and Institutional Support

If you were interested in what we can do for an academic client, here's what we can do for an academic website.