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Drupal (www.drupal.org) makes pliable, search engine friendly sites. Build a sophisticated look with content that non-technical people can administer. Drupal can reproduce its content for use on web pages, on mobile devices, or shared to other websites to build your popularity. Content management systems are ideal at organizing data and making it flexible.
  • stores your content in a database
  • keeps the design of the website separate from the content and settings
  • allows site wide administration easy.
Drupal and similar good content management systems allow non-technical users to add and edit the content.
When people ask "Should I use Drupal?" we ask about the role of the site. Drupal is great for conference and special event registration sites; e-commerce sites; sites with lots of data organization; and sites with lots of users, or complex user rules. Drupal is used to power some impressive sites.
We have been building Drupal sites for years! If you want to find out more, we should talk!

Why Drupal?

I love to geek out about Drupal, but this application has to earn its keep and perform well for our clients. For some roles, I will recommend Wordpress or maybe even a static website; but I like to get our clients working with Drupal:
  • Drupal is feature rich: user management, admin screens, content management, search engines and RSS sharing come "out of the box"
  • By starting with built-in elements, Drupal development cycles can be very brief.
  • Drupal is flexible. We don't give you a "Drupal site" we give you an "excellent site." (built with Drupal)
  • Drupal is extensible. We can add functionality to satisfy your business needs.
  • Good technical extensions, called modules, are easy to deploy.
  • When you need custom solutions built from scratch, we are happy to do that.
  • Solid and easy to deploy functionality allows us to carry out fast deployments.

Drupal: Victoria BC's choice!

While I have a number of clients in the US, Canada and overseas, but I love to work with our local clients who need a Drupal site for the Victoria based business. I specialize in Drupal web design and development. I deliver solid websites that work well, load fast and funnel users to satisfy your business goals. I build search engine friendly, unique designs and satisfy your business goals.
A rundown of what we can do with Drupal:
  • E-commerce
  • Event Registration
  • Product Website
  • Gallery site
  • News portal
  • Customer relationship management
  • Social Network Building
  • Social Literacy
Here's a list of Drupal developers in Victoria BC.
What's new with Drupal? Jobs, news and more.