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Drupal for Government

Governments of all levels need turn-key, extensible sites. To reach people today, a government program needs to have a solid presence online. Rather than chase the latest trends, follow the best practices. Rather than guess, carry out focused audience research.

Drupal is a key framework for sound information architecture on all fronts and on all levels. It can be a solid foundation for a structurally sound, high performance website that makes the most of a powerful and flexible content management system (CMS). Drupal offers a design that is easy to update, easy to manage, interactive, smart and totally responsive.

Here are some of the ways Drupal and Shawn DeWolfe Consulting can address the unique needs of a government website

Localization: Canadian jurisdictions commonly need bilingual sites with the potential to localize their experience for users from a variety of cultures beyond Canada’s anglophone and francophone audiences.

User roles: In setting up a site, the  application and body of content needs to be accessible by different audiences: the general public, service users, governmental staff and non-governmental stakeholders.

Input forms: Drupal allows users to input data directly into the system gated by workflow and user access rules. Content revisions can be retained. Editing histories gives content managers the information they need.

Responsive design: our recommended Drupal themes are “responsive” – meaning mobile and tablet ready.

Low bandwidth solutions: not every user is on a good data connection. Remote areas can suffer from poor bandwidth. If your audience is spread through a remote region, your website needs to factor bandwidth into the user experience to give all users the best experience possible.

Metadata friendly: our deployments add in metadata to all sites. The goal is to make the services succeed and metadata is one means of exposure. We feel really strongly about the virtue of using good metadata. For example: we rarely advertise. If you found this page, it was likely through our efforts to populate our own content with useful metadata that search engines use to curate content.

Interactive reporting: The Views module for Drupal builds powerful reports. Input filters for reports give control to the users. Those filters can be saved as URLs for later use, for sharing or for caching.

Drupal offers a sophisticated data model that allows for revisions and localization in the same model.

While Drupal is built for MySQL and Linux based servers like Apache, Litespeed and Nginx, it can also be deployed on Microsoft platforms (eg. IIS 6, IIS 7 and IIS 8). It can use a SQL Server database. Drupal’s Views outputs SQL statements that can be used to generate SQL Server data views or form the foundation of stored procedures.

A true Drupal solution is the best way to leverage all of the functionality possible with the content management system, but that’s not the only route to deployment. Drupal can also be used as the foundation of a hybrid application. It can integrate with other applications via API calls, and pass off its interactions to another application through a customer application (more).

With all this power and flexibility behind it, Drupal is an excellent foundation for your web based project.

What would working with Shawn DeWolfe Consulting deliver?

  • Excellent working knowledge and experience in web design and application development.
  • Twenty years of experience in building content management tools from the early days of the web.
  • Strong understanding of marketing principles and industry accepted best practices.
  • Social media integration and advice on what platform suits the audience and the objectives of the program.
  • Experience with responsive designs for mobile, tablet and other mediums.
  • Output of website content in other forms and for other purposes (e.g. API output for machine-to-machine interactions).
  • Integration with other applications and technologies (eg. Google services, replication in other websites, storage in AWS, receipt of data from other services).
  • Expert use of Drupal modules in site developments.
  • Custom module development in Drupal 7, and a history of module development in Drupal 4.7, 5, and 6.
  • Migration of code from previous versions of Drupal and other applications into current Drupal applications.
  • Excellent knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Drupal, HTML 5, XML, XSLT, Javascript and JQuery. Years of experience with : ASP, ASP.Net, VBScript, C#, Perl, Tcl/Tk, SQL Server, Access DB, Postgres, C++. Familiarity with these technologies and familiarity with Drupal combines into the ability to make these technologies work with Drupal and vice-versa.
  • A background in nonfiction writing and public speaking, making technology clear and easy to understand.

If your organization needs a standards-based, fully accessible site that ties into other capabilities, let’s talk.