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Super Secret Offer!

Sell A Turnkey Solution: CSVWeb

Shawn DeWolfe Consulting has developed a system to turn a spreadsheet into searchable databases: CSVWeb. Do you have clients who need to turn a large data source into an easy-to-search web page? Imagine how all  that data, made accessible to website visitors, could drive traffic and inform users.

CSVWeb uses your spreadsheet as a database.  Custom filter check-boxes make it simple for users to select the information they’re looking for. Then, the system will format the output. CSVWeb is mobile ready and blindingly fast.

You give us your spreadsheets, tell us what criteria you need for your search filters, and we set it up for you. We’ll handle all the theming and logo placement.

Can I see a demonstration?

Yes! Visit the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific website to see CSVWeb in action.

How much does it cost?

CSVWeb is $899 USD.

Become an Affiliate

We need your help! We are looking for affiliates who can sell this product.

Cash Reward!

Did we mention the money? We will pay every affiliate $200 USD per sale of our CSVWeb solution.

Get going today! Email us.