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COVID19 Response

What We’re Doing in Response to COVID19

  • SDC is helping clients re-tool their websites to take e-commerce payments
  • We are using the YITH plugin to allow business sell discounted gift cards now when they need money the most
  • We are tutoring clients on how to take it online: online bookings for online delivered appointments.

This Is The Time To Shift To Digital

  • People are frustrated by in-store shopping, if it’s even available.
  • People have the time to shop online and cannot do the same in person.
  • An online shop doesn’t need to keep to the same business hours.
  • People can order and the order fulfillment process can wait until all of the supplies are in stock
  • Follow-up via digital and customer retention is easier
  • You can prompt customers to brag about your product online as they use it in their day-to-day lives