Project Intake

To get our project underway, we need some basic information. When we have these details, we will be able to get the project started.
What do you call the project?
Who are you? Don't be shy.
What is the current web address? If you don't know or don't have one, that's okay. Really: it's okay.
Do you have a content management tool (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) in the mix? Can you send us password via email, but tell us the user name?
What is the user name for server? This is used to move files and connect to the database system. We also need the passwords for the hosting account and (if possible), the password for the content management system. Can you please email us that instead of adding them to this form?
If you can give a quick recap, that would be welcome.
We pick-up work that was began by another designer or developer. Can you share who you worked with last? We may need to contact them to make the project a success.
Rather than ask "are you a robot" (I'm not prejudiced against robots). Just add the work, "project" to this form field.
This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.