WordPress Resources: The Penultimate Collection

A list of resources that you may find handy. (apologies for long this lingered unpublished)


Here are some general resources for your website.


There are always people who would like to get into the game. Here are a couple tutorials that learned me developing themes.

Developing your Theme on your Local Computer

A great way to develop themes is to have a local server on your computer. A server that runs PHP and MySQL allows you to test themes without uploading to your online server. It isn’t hard to set up such server:


The WordPress Codex is the official documentation for WordPress. It has a huge number of content and you can find almost anything about WordPress There. Here are most important resources.

Theme Starting Points

When you are just starting out (or if you don’t want to start from scratch) you can use so-called “WordPress Frameworks”. Check of the most popular below:

WordPress Hacks

Because WordPress is so popular, many people use it. All these people have different requirements and WordPress can’t support them all. So, whoever needs more functionality experimented and hacked away. Here are a few WP hacks you can incorporate into your theme.

WordPress Tutorials

Hundreds of tutorials have been written about WordPress and theme development. Here is a small  section of the best tutorials out there.

WordPress & SEO

By default, WordPress is a search engine friendly blogging platform. However, you can enhance your themes much further with the following SEO techniques.


Cheatsheets can be very handy when you need to reference to a WordPress tag or function. You can print them and put them up your wall for quick referencing!

  • WordPress Help-Sheet
  • WordPress Advanced Help-Sheet
  • WordPress CheatSheet V1
  • WP Theme Tags

  • Promote your Theme

    If you want to release your theme for free to the public, you can add your theme to these sites to get more attention.


    Check out these forums to discuss anything WordPress related.


    Many people write about WordPress to teach other WordPress enthusiasts about their findings and tricks. Here are a few blogs on the subject.


    One great advantage of WordPress is the great plugin support. With thousands of plugins available, there’s almost a fix for anything.

    More plugins? Check out these links:

    Inspirational Designs and Ideas

    It’s important to get inspiration from time to time, it can give you many idea’s for your themes. Here are some showcase sites.