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Be A Drug Dealer

Why are Google and Amazon rich? They've had me on their payroll. I have been working for them for a decade. I signed up for Amazon Associates over a decade and Google AdSense almost a decade ago.

Other PPC Options

Advertising is key to popularizing your venture (website, product, app, etc.). I have used Google, Yahoo and Facebook advertising in the past. The response has been definite, but the lasting impact was poor. If you're not going to get a sustained bump, go for the cheapest effective advertising possible. Have you had experience with these advertising networks? I would love to hear your opinion. Which ones required a high deposit? Which ones provided good conversions?

The Inequality Engine

This isn’t a shocker: commerce is driven by inequality. The more inequality that exists the greater the opportunity for high profits. When insurance companies hid their rates you had to go a great deal of effort or accept the bad deal in front of you. Then Progressive Insurance and businesses like them changed the game: they publish their rates and the rates for comparable plans from other providers. If they didn’t do this, websites and consumer reporting would do the same thing for them. This has knocked down the inequality between rate providers.


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