Select Page is a great service to attend in-person gatherings. I have seen it serve as a social connector for people who have special interests. Membership is free. If you wish to create your own Meetup group, the cost is low, as low as $72 for 6 months. What if the cost could even be lower?

When I last signed up, I noticed the “Have a coupon code?” link on the payment page. You’ll see these on sites. I have taken to hunting down a discount code before making any digital purchase. Why not? A five minute hunt could yield you a 50% discount. I began hunting for a Meetup coupon code but discovered that I couldn’t find any sign of a code. I tripped over an angry forum post. One poster said, “why don’t they just remove the coupon link if you can’t get a coupon?”

It turns out you can get a coupon code– a code for a 50% discount off of your dues. Here’s how:

Step 1: Create a group

Go into If you do not have an account, then sign up for one. Set up your group. Fill out the particulars but when you get to the payment step, STOP. Don’t complete the transaction. Just close the window and leave it incomplete.

Step 2: Wait

If you bail on a group creation, they will try to lure you back to finish the transaction. They will try to bait you with a 50% off coupon. This will appear in your inbox in a few hours to a few days after your group creation was started.

Step 3: Cash in your coupon

When you get your coupon code via email, go ahead, click on the link and cash it in. It will be worth 50% off of one transaction meaning you can get a nice discount to work from.
Discount is in the mail!

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