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Any developer bent on performance improvements can carry out the usual optimizations. I can address image optimization. I can move Google Fonts onto our own server. I can even make selective pages static to deliver content faster than possible from a CMS. The biggest issue is the bad expiries on the Hubspot scripts.

Ways Hubspot could address this:

  1. Put far future expiries on some of all of the assets they include
  2. Push out these files via CDNs
  3. Combine JS files (HS is sending out 5 files that could be 3 or even two files)
  4. Interoperate with their clients: give them something like a plugin that outputs the HS files from the client server reducing DNS lookups and allows clients to self-manage their own expiry.
  5. Allow the HS script to not carry out render blocking and encourage developers to put HS relevant code into the footer of the pages.
  6. Remove the following redirect chain if possible:
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