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Awesome Open Source Software:

3d Modeling/Animation –

3d Modeling (Simple) – Sketchup (from Google)

3d Modeling (Voxel/Brick) – MagicaVoxel

3d Modeling (Digital Clay Sculpting) – Sculptris

3d Modeling (in VR) – Google Blocks

Human 3d Model/Armature Generator- MakeHuman

Photo Editing/Maniputaion – GIMP

Digital Painting/ Comics – Krita

Vector Art (like illustrator) – Inkscape

Storyboarding – Storyboarder

Video Game Engine – Unity

Visual Novel Maker w/ no Code – Fungus + Unity

Text Based Game – Twine (

Audio/Sound Recording/ Editing – Audacity

Sheet Music Notation – Musescore

Retro Game music Maker – Bosca Ceoil

Retro Video Game Effects Generator – BFXR

Screen & webcam recording – OBS Studio

Live Streaming (twitch/youtube) – Streamlabs OBS

Video and Audio Converter – Handbrake

2d Animation (Cutout) – Dragonbones Pro, Synfig

2d Animation (drawn) – Blender 2.8, Opentoonz

Stick Figure Animation – Pivot Animator

Stop Motion/Claymation – Stop Motion Studio (mobile only)

Video Editing – Blender (only if you’re desperate)

Flashcards/ Spaced Repetition Learning: Anki

Awesome Tutorial Websites:

Disraction Free Writing – Writer (bighugelabs)

Script/Playwriting – Amazon Storywriter

Sound Effects Database –

Music for Film/Games –

Pixel Art & Animation – Piskel

Textures and HDRIs for 3D- Hdri Haven

Fonts – Google Fonts,

Learn Coding – Codecademy

Learning Everything –

Simple Android App Maker – AppInventor (MIT)

Color Palette Generator –

Rhyme Dictionary –

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