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“Regular” CMS builds the HTML at the same time it builds the dynamic content. Headless has a largely static foundation of HTML that pulls in the dynamic elements from CMS data. There is so much formatting in current era HTML, so the expensive part of a page load is the themed page. Going headless means the expensive part of the load becomes less expensive as it’s static; and the important content comes in via an AJAX call. If the calls are cheaper to perform, the server infrastructure is less taxed and potentially speedier.


I don’t like relying on AJAX calls for critical content: if anything interrupts the client side calls for content, the intent of the page fails. I’ve seen headless pages sit there with grey boxes waiting for content and no content comes.

It is becoming increasingly common to see in websites.

More on Headless CMSes

CMSWire prepped an article with a list of Headless CMSes (

  1. Butter CMS
  2. Contentstack
  3. Contentful
  4. dotCMS
  5. Mura
  6. Cloud CMS
  7. Cockpit CMS
  8. Core dna
  9. Craft CMS
  11. Directus
  12. Storyblok
  13. GraphQL CMS
  14. Gentics Mesh
  15. Cosmic JS
  16. Kentico Cloud
  18. Quintype
  19. Sanity
  20. Scrivito
  21. Squidex
  22. DNN Evoq Content
  23. Strapi
  24. Superdesk

You may note the CMSWirre didn’t see Drupal or WordPress as contenders for this list. In their comments section, no one saw fit to suggest either one.

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