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[DISCUSSION] Has anyone here used AppPresser to convert your WordPress into an Android/iOS App?

Sat, 02/02/2019 - 20:41

I want to know your experiences with it, it you like it. If you think there is a better option.

The fact that I have to use their Theme is something I dont like particulary. I get it that for some functions they need it, but its not something I want.

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[FREE] Unlock file upload field for WPForms Lite plugin

Sat, 02/02/2019 - 10:59

You can now add file upload field in your form to upload any types of files such as pdf, csv, png. Allowed file extension and maximum file size option included.


Unlocks website, date and divider field

submitted by /u/sanzeeb3
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[REQUEST] ChemDoodle or Other Chemical Drawing in Form of a Plugin

Sat, 02/02/2019 - 09:39

Hello everyone.

I need a plugin which allows me to draw chemical structures. I'm a bit interested in the free ChemDoodle:

However, I'm quite afraid that implementing Javascript on theme header.php directly will cause deadly slowdown on my site. I've tried similar method with MathJax from this source:

And my website became very slow so I opted for Mathjax-Latex plugin instead, which has the option to execute the script only on certain pages/posts and custom post types.

I'm not an expert in programming and I don't know how to make a plugin for myself.

Thank you, I really appreciate your help :)

submitted by /u/Shirayukihime001
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[REQUEST] WordPress Membership Plugin(s) Needed ASAP.

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 18:22

I'm looking for a plugin or plugins that can do the following :

  • Serve as a Membership/community plugin where users register,

  • Register users are categorized according to levels and can be promoted through levels ( e.g novice, amateur, professional etc)

  • Registered users can be matched with one another automatically according to their levels. (novice to novice, professional to professional),

  • (Optional) Payment gateways e.g PayPal, bitcoin etc

Recommendations(free and paid) would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

submitted by /u/bextie
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[Request] Looking for a CMS plugin for university programs/degrees

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 20:28


I am looking for something to help organize our degree programs through WordPress. I have found things like learnpress that are essentially what I am looking for but we are a brick and mortar university so we don't need the additional features to sell and build classes online. Does anyone have any plugins they'd suggest in this situation?

Thanks, Kevin

submitted by /u/kdigennaro
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Thu, 01/31/2019 - 19:36

Hi there, I'm looking for a plugin that can help with simple polling (IN POST) and can be customized to brand colors/fonts preferably for free.

Here's an example of what I'm looking for - although this might be custom.

submitted by /u/snmengagement
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[FREEMIUM] Movipress - Convert your site into an Android app

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 22:07

Hi All,

I´ve just launched a service for WordPress content sites which converts your web into a native Android app without programming knowledge.

I would like to offer:

- Twenty 1 year subscriptions in exchange of feedback,

If you wish, you can create your app in, later on select the yearly subscription and during the checkout introduce the promocode: REDDIT for a 100% discount.

Also, if you manage a website related to WordPress news, plugins... you can have a lifetime subscription in exchange of a fair/objective review (send me a DM or an email).

Note that the app is for free, paid subscriptions just determine ads control.

Features of the app:
  • Your own logo.
  • App menu languages depending on the device settings.
  • In-app access to any article, page, category, tag, author… if it’s on the site, it’s on the app.
  • Save articles, offline reading, search keywords, share content via Facebook, twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, e-mail…
  • In-app navigation for internal links.
  • Send new comments, read article comments, follow threads or reply to existing comments…
  • Support for videos.
  • Show related articles at the bottom of your posts.
  • Infinite scroll.

  • Change the appearance, anytime, anywhere, by creating unlimited personalized templates from the back-end of your site.
  • Use any google font anywhere.
  • Link (if you want) each article with a different template.
  • Link each category, tag or author with a different template.

If you have any question, don´t hesitate in contact me. I hope you find it interesting.

Thanks for reading!

Best regards,

The Movipress Team


submitted by /u/movipress
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[REQUEST] new to wordpress and plugins but want to create a listing (Directory) web page for business

Mon, 01/28/2019 - 18:29

After my research I have two options either listingpro or geodirectory, which one is better? or do you know something better?

I want something similar to or

Please let me know what you think.

submitted by /u/snk12
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[REQUEST] Searching for a decent video grid plugin with tag filtering and lightbox functionality

Sun, 01/27/2019 - 22:41

Hi there, first time posting in here, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a plugin that pretty much does as my mock up image suggests.. seems very hard to find something decent on the WP Plugin gallery.

Pretty much after the following: - Create a grid gallery of images that link to vimeo videos in a lightbox - each video is tagged or categorised, and these can be filtered on the page. - lightbox opens with the video and a text area to style a heading and paragraph about the video.

Some plug ins that come close (but not 100% there) are: - -

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Mock up here >

submitted by /u/tplums
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[REQUEST] User Management / Querying Plugin

Sun, 01/27/2019 - 16:47

I'm looking for a backend Admin-area user management and querying system. Right now we're using UsersInsights, but it's painfully slow for large databases so we have to ditch it.

We want to be able to pull up lists of Users based on criteria, such as last WooCommerce order, total lifetime value, products ordered, ACF custom fields, etc.

If there's no good plugin, we may have to do something custom, so if anyone has suggestions for good plugins or frameworks to start with that'd be great. We looked at wpDataTables and it's nice to be able to set up any custom query, but we need something more customizable.

submitted by /u/zuroma
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[REQUEST] Gutenberg lightbox that shows file names

Sun, 01/27/2019 - 03:10


I take pictures at the kids football games and offer other parents to get them the full sized pictures. Up until now I used "Responsive Lightbox & Gallery" which allowed me to do that. I upgraded to WP5 with Gutenberg. I do like the galleries in Gutenberg a lot but now my lightbox doesn't rotate through the pictures anymore.

Is there a lightbox plugin that works with Gutenberg and shows the file name of the picture?

Thanks a lot!

submitted by /u/SilicoidOfOrion
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[DISCUSSION] Anyone using the 'Call to Action' Plugin ?

Sat, 01/26/2019 - 20:45

Hi Friends,

Is anyone using the 'Call to Action' plugin?

I checked the site and it was updated 2 wks ago, but i read very little about it.

Apparently its a FREE plugin but have heard little about it.


My intentions are to create a CALL TO ACTION landing page (or a squeeze page) but i not sure how difficult that would be with this plugin?


  • Is ANYONE using it here?
  • IF so, how is it working for you?
  • What are the pros/cons of the plugin?

Any further information OR TIPS to learn more about this plugin are greatly appreciated.


submitted by /u/7-t-7
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[REQUEST] Search posts by tags

Fri, 01/25/2019 - 21:38

I need a plugin to search posts by tags, bonus if it has an 'exclude' tags feature.

submitted by /u/ElenorShellstrop
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[help]Calculator WordPress plugin

Fri, 01/25/2019 - 02:51


Is there a WordPress plugin that allows for simple calculator functions? Here is an example of what i want:

So just things a user can input yes/no to get a final calculation.

Thank you

submitted by /u/570481
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[FREEMIUM] Accept Braintree Payments On Your Wordpress Website - Accept Payments WP

Thu, 01/24/2019 - 22:09


I am excited to announce that I have launched the initial version of my WordPress plugin: Accept Payments WP. I am now looking for the initial influx of downloads and most importantly - feedback!

The idea came to me when I was looking for a payment processor, Stripe was not available in my country, and thus I really wanted to use Braintree.

Unfortunately, there were no decent options when it came to Braintree integration on WordPress. I was looking for something reliable, easy to use and looking good in terms of design. I did not need a shopping cart - just a simple way to collect payments.

Figured I can build something of the sort myself, and here I am!

Launched literally a few hours ago - and I am really looking for some feedback. Not from friends, but brutal strangers on the Internet :)

DISCLAIMER: I will make a paid version of this plugin soon, extending the basic functionality - Thus the [FREEMIUM]

Here is the link:

submitted by /u/bglp9
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[REQUEST] Image plugin showing different images depending on screensizes.

Wed, 01/23/2019 - 06:56

Looking for a plugin which shows different images in a post depending on the visitors screensize. Like SrcSet more or less.

The page got quite a few visitors so it's important that the plugin is up to date. Also there's writers, not Wordpress gurus, who write the posts so it have to be easy to use.

Thanks in advance!

submitted by /u/larsbing
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[REQUEST] Anyone know of a WordPress plugin that utilizes WebFontConfig?

Wed, 01/23/2019 - 05:51

I know there are plenty of Google-Font/TypeKit/etc plugins around, but none seem to utilize the "recommended" approach for loading large webfont files.

Am I just not looking hard enough?

Web Font Loader on Github

Web Font Loader gives you added control when using linked fonts via @font-face. It provides a common interface to loading fonts regardless of the source, then adds a standard set of events you may use to control the loading experience. The Web Font Loader is able to load fonts from Google Fonts, Typekit,, and Fontdeck, as well as self-hosted web fonts. It is co-developed by Google and Typekit.

submitted by /u/onemohrtime
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[PREMIUM] Inbound Now PRO plugin now supports wp_mail() as an email service. (Was SparkPost only until now)

Tue, 01/22/2019 - 21:30

Shared Link (The news):

Inbound Now's Marketing Plugin now supports native WordPress email as a sending service, which frees users up from having to have a SparkPost account to send email.

Intro to Inbound Now PRO plugin:

Inbound Now PRO plugin is a side project of mine that has an email management and marketing automation component.

We also have split testing features for Landing Pages, Calls to Actions, and CRM component for storing and segmenting subscribers.

A lot of people try us out for our landing page templates, but I don't think that's our strong suit.

I think our strong suit is our free Leads CRM, our premium email component, and our premium automation component.

More about Inbound Now's email component:

I started out with Mandrill:

I started development with Mandrill as an email service then they closed their service to non MailChimp users.

I switched to SparkPost:

To account for the loss of Mandrill as a primary carrier I switched our code over to support SparkPost. SparkPost made some intense promises that made me feel like I was safe in choosing them.

In the beginning SparkPost offered 100k free emails a month. And they did keep their promise for customers who came on board at that level.

As SparkPost decreased their free tier, Inbound Now's offering decreased in value:

Over time SparkPost decreased their free tier to 15,000 emails for the first month only and then paid tiers thereafter. As that happened over time the Inbound Now suite lost a good bit of value and this finally forced me to develop wp_mail() support as an available email service.

Why did I not develop wp_mail support to begin with?

  • I was worried on behalf of customers for their email inboxing rate. Using a transactional service seemed like it would dramatically improve this metric. I believe I over worried. I think many will be just fine using their own SMTP servers.
  • I was intimidated by writing email tracking features. It turns out it's not that hard!
  • I knew bounce and rejection detection would not be available unless I used a dedicated transactional service like SparkPost or Mandrill. This actually still turns out to be true. But there are work around. The wp_mail() function is filterable. Emails can still be sent through 3rd party services with reporting capabilities and WordPress integrations.
  • I was naive in the way I perceived SparkPost's free tier offering. I was naive about Mandrill as well.

But it is available now...

But wp_mail() support is available now for Inbound Now. As the Proclaimers say, it's "o'er and dun wit"... well not really over and done with, but a good foundation is in place.

Thanks for your time!

submitted by /u/atwellpub
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