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[HELP] Need help finding a plugin that can play audio files in a questionnaire

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 08:05

Hi there I am developing a site that has a multi step form questionnaire . One of the questions (steps) should play a sound. Can`t seem to find the right plugin to use. Need help or finding a really good dev:)

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Best plugin for review site? [HELP]

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 20:12

Hell all,

I am a first time poster, long time lurker... I want to build a simple review site that will allow users to register for accounts and review businesses in my local town. Ideally I'd want them to be able to login through Facebook but I have no idea what that kind of setup would entail.

Anyways, I am doing research, and I wanted to see what the pros in this sub had to say.

Any recommendations? General advice? etc. etc

Thank you all


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[HELP] Looking for pricing calculator with tiered or bulk pricing options

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 20:11

Hi everyone. I have need for a calculator to build estimates based on options selected by the user. The user would receive price breaks based on how many of an item they selected (25 of an item cost $2.00 ea., while 50 of an item would be discounted to $1.75 ea.).

I've found several estimate calculators out there, but none that will allow price breaks.

Thanks for your help.

submitted by /u/megamoo
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[REVIEW] Bravo Wordpress Security Plugin, Hide Wordpress and Build Your Fence

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 09:37

Hello everybody, In Technoyer Ltd. we built a great wordpress plugin to help websites owner to protect there websites and built strong fence around there projects ,

** Bravo Wordpress Security Plugin Overview ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HCk22sdq8U

This is achieved by many tools and option Bravo Wordpress Security Plugin provide it , As example hide wordpress side by side Bravo wordpress firewall, wordpress antivirus (wordpress malware scanner),wordpress brute force protection, WP config security, wordpress google reCAPTCHA,error logs and more features like :

  • Hide wp-includes path from the page source
  • Hide plugins path from the page source
  • Hide themes path from the page source
  • Rename search base and query
  • Rename posts base and query
  • Rename pages base and query
  • Rename categories base and query
  • Rename tags base and query
  • Rename feeds base and query
  • Rename pagination base and query
  • Rename comments file
  • Rename ajax file
  • Rename _wpnonce
  • Remove adminbar for non-admin users
  • Remove WP version
  • Remove feed links from the page source
  • Remove API JSON links from the page source
  • Remove resources hints from the page source
  • Remove weblog client link from the page source
  • Remove windows writer manifest link from the page source
  • Remove post/page shortlink from the page source
  • Fake HTTP Headers for X-Powered-By
  • Fake HTTP Headers for X-Generator
  • Change E-mail Sender E-Mail
  • Change E-mail Sender Name
  • Minfy HTML
  • Minfy CSS
  • Minfy JS
  • Hide WordPress: Hide version from all scripts and styles call inside the pages source.
  • Hide wp-login.php: Create new login link and a 404 error will appear to the default login link.
  • Hide wp-admin: Only the login link can redirect you to the wp-admin dashboard.
  • Prevent Proxy: wp-admin Dashboard will allow real connections only.
  • Allow Custom Connections: wp-admin Dashboard will allow some whitelist countries or/and IPs only.
  • Advanced Firewall: 'Firewall profiles' is advanced option, You are able to choose High, Medium or Low Level of security.
  • 2-Step Verification: You are able to choose from many options when you decide to enable 2 -Step Verification. Available options: Two factor authentication, Facebook Verification, Four numbers pin code and Security question.
  • reCAPTCHA: reCAPTCHA is important to save your host resources and your WordPress safe from spam, You can add it to guest comments, login, register or/and reset password forms.
  • Housekeeping: Clean your WordPress, Just delete unused files, comments, revisions, trashes, transient feed or/and relationships.
  • Database Backups: Manually or Scheduling Database backups, both options are available.
  • Professional Antivirus: Malware scanner, PHPMussel scanner, File Change Detection, Google Safe Browsing Checker, - DB scanner and Spam Lisiting checker.
  • Auto Scan Attachments: Attachments will be scanned while it is being uploading.
  • Scan New Plugins & Themes: After you activate your new plugin or theme, Bravo will create a new antivirus process to scan the new files.
  • Brute Force Protection: The complete security for your and users' passwords by activating Bravo brute force protection options.
  • Blacklist Usernames: Prevent some usernames from register or log in.
  • Blacklist email provider: Prevent some email hosting from register like e.g: mail.ru.
  • Min & Max Usernames Length: Minimum and Maximum chars for registered usernames.
  • Moderate New Members: New members will be need admin approval before they can use their dashboard.
  • Accounts Protection: You are able to define the login method (email only or username only or both as default), Noweak passwords, Maximum Login Attempts and Whitelist IPs.
  • Who is Online (Live Tracker): Watch your online visitors and what are they doing?!, You will be able to see all their browsing details and block/unblock Ips.
  • Inline Visitors Blocking: Watch your visitors activity using the traffic tracker module and you can block and IP or country when you see unusual activity.
  • Cronjobs (Events Schedules): You have full control to set what is the appropriate time to run your events.
  • DB Prefix Wizard: A wizard was designed to change WP database prefix.
  • Development & Maintenance Mode: There two modes in order to close your site, Development mode will allow some roles to view site as usual as they know it, but Maintenance mode will close site for all.
  • Bandwidth Saver: Bravo lets you prevent 'Hotlinking & iFrames', Your hosted images will not show at other websites, and your website will be not shown in iframe.
  • Plugin Self Protection: You can set password and choose some management roles to give them ability to manage Bravo.
  • Idle Logout: The plugin will clear the current sessions for logged in users if they hold their accounts without using after (n) seconds, you will choose the duration before forcing them to log inagain.
  • Mail Watching: This tool designed for watching outbound email messages in WordPress. It can help if someone using backdoor in your blog to send spam emails.
  • Error Pages: Continuing our efforts to hide WordPress, We designed this tool to use our 404 templates instead of your theme 404 pages.
  • Log Watching: If you set the firewall to 'High' and disable WordPress debug, You can watch the error log using or tool.

** This is the Plugin official page on codecanyon : https://codecanyon.net/item/bravo-wordpress-security-plugin/20944256

We will be very happy with any comments, suggestions or constructive criticism that will help us improve the product .

Best Regards

submitted by /u/Technoyer
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[HELP] I have added adsense to my WordPress site using a plugin but the ads aren't showing.

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 04:56

I added the given code in the header first. When there was no change in the layout or anything so I removed it from the file and added it with Google AdSense plugin. Still there is no change.

submitted by /u/Writer__418
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[HELP] Best CRM + Form plugins for Real Estate/Property Management website

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 16:25

Looking to implement a free setup for a real estate/property management website to capture leads and input them into a lead funnel. Potentially building an email list as well. What plugins do you guys find helpful? Most importantly good flow, not bloatware and deter the user experience and page speed.

submitted by /u/fya8
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[REQUEST] Instagram Feed | Only populate with Instagram posts matching a specific hashtag within a specific area

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 10:35

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a plugin that would be able to retrieve Instagram posts that match a specific hashtag within a specific location.

Eg: Get posts that include #hashtag within X location.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

submitted by /u/vexersa
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[REQUEST] Booking plugin: Voiding a certain number of days from the date of reservation

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 09:48

I’m looking for a booking/reservation WP plugin that can automatically void a certain number of days from the current date (one has to book several days in advance).

Example: Let’s set the number of voided days to 10. So if I’m sitting at home on the 5th of February and want to make a reservation, the first eligible date for my reservation should be the 15th of February. Now I know this could easily be done manually on a day-to-day basis but that doesn't seem reasonable in this instance.

Does anyone know a plugin that has this function?

Thanks in advance!

submitted by /u/nikolajqk
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[HELP]I am looking for a Q&A plugin

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 08:55

Hi all, I need Q&A plugin to allow the users ask questions. Also, there should be upload option so that they could upload images in their questions. Thanks :)

submitted by /u/roza1993
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