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[REQUEST] File sharing plugin for with customer login

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 18:16

Hello, i have a photo editing service where currently my customers fill out a form to order and when the photos are compete i just email them the photos. i'm not a huge fan of this as it isn't as legit feeling. is there a plugin where i can have a page where my customers can login and see all the photos that i(the admin) have uploaded to their account? thanks in advance.

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[REQUEST] Video Gallery

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 22:59

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't see anything when I did a quick search. Anybody have a nice looking, modern video gallery they like for YouTube videos? I don't like YouTube's embed function (because now you can't code out all of YouTube's elements like you once could). I was playing with Total Soft's video gallery for YouTube, but the free version is pretty limited.

Thanks in advance!

submitted by /u/TON3R
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[REQUEST] Traffic Light System Status plugin

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 13:10

Looking for a Plugin which shows a green, orange or red circle and can be easily changed in the wordpress backend.

The current system has to be changed manually so it isn't ideal, hoping a plugin can easily speed up the process,


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[REQUEST] A self updating facebook page feed?

Tue, 06/04/2019 - 18:39

Hi all,

I've found a few social feed plugins but none yet that do what I'm wanting... I just want something that will create a post from any Facebook post on a particular page (yes I own the page and can create tokens just fine). Most of the plugins I've seen (feedthemsocial etc) don't seem to auto post.

Any suggestion for a (preferably free but willing to look at paid) plugins that will do this?

submitted by /u/stubish
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Storify your posts to grow engagement [PREMIUM]

Tue, 06/04/2019 - 12:49


I'd like to recommend a plugin I created, that can help you keep your visitors on your site. It's called Story View and with the help of it, you can "storify" your posts to grow engagement.
You can learn more about it on the following page: You can find some example "story views" there as well.

3 ways Story View can help to grow your audience and business

It provides a better visual experience for your visitors, especially for the ones who prefer the story format.

It can help to improve your position in the SERP by keeping your visitors on your site. Let's say they find your article but it looks a bit longer than the one they are looking for. Without Story View, they'll probably go back to select another option from the search results. The time a visitor spends on your site before returning to the search page is something that affects your position. So the longer you can keep them on your site, the better.

As it is a new format, you can drive new visitors or re-engage old ones just by telling them that you provide content in a unique way.

Looking forward to your feedback. Also, let me know if you have any questions, feature requests.

submitted by /u/forgacsf
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[PREMIUM] Adding Custom JS and CSS Code with WordPress and Gutenberg Editor

Tue, 06/04/2019 - 04:02


Are you a developer looking for a good way to add your custom Javascript and CSS code to the page with Gutenberg? Are you sick and tired of going to other pages or playing with metaboxes just to insert/change some code to your page? Do you want to get rid of the server side processing of your code, minimizing, decoding etc?

I created this plugin for people like me and you.

Custom JS and CSS for Gutenberg

With this plugin, you can easily add your custom Javascript code (as well as ES6), your CSS code (supporting SASS and LESS) and minimize it on the fly. The server side (php) is minimized and almost all of the work is done while you are saving the page.


Looking forward to your comments.


submitted by /u/meceware
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ClinicalWP - The perfect remedy for WordPress aches & pains: Just Launched! [PROMOTION]

Mon, 06/03/2019 - 20:40

I just launched my new modular set of WordPress tools. It's called ClinicalWP and provides easy access to all those hidden optimisations, tweaks, constants, settings, etc, etc that only great WordPress Developers know about.

On top of that it's got a bunch of other tools and optimisations built to enable even the most non-techy WordPress user with the ability to get WordPress running at top speed.

Plus, there are currently 5 extensions that add extra tools to overcome the biggest & most common WordPress pain points. This includes Database (Data Object) caching, Image Optimisation & file size reduction, 3-way Anti-SPAM, Security Tools (Firewall, Security Tweaks & Brute Force Protection), and finally upgrade notifications to your Slack channel.

I've deliberately set the prices low, so that people can make use of this without breaking their budget. The security add-on is a fraction of WordFence & Sucuri for example. Plus their are 3 great value bundles that give you all the plugins & extensions for a fraction of the individual prices.

PLUS: Until the end of June I'm offering 50% OFF all bundles and the ClinicalWP Core Pro plugin using the code


You can find them over at


Edit: Fixed some weird spacing issue.

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[FREE] [UPDATE] WP Dev Flag V1.1.0

Sun, 06/02/2019 - 20:10

I just added a new feature to my WP Dev Flag plugin. You may have seen it before, but now its possible to add a badge to the admin, as well as the front end. I'm taking the approach that if someone asks for a feature to be added, and it makes sense, I'll add it and release a new version:

Added the ability to add the badge to the admin, as well as the front end.

submitted by /u/pickledegg
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[FREEMIUM] Mediamatic - WordPress Media Library Folders

Sun, 06/02/2019 - 10:12

Mediamatic helps to organize the WordPress Media Library into folders hierarchy easily using drag&drop interface.

Manage thousands of media files and folders in your WordPress media library swiftly and smoothly! A breakthrough in WordPress media library management and organization.



submitted by /u/plugincraft
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[REVIEW] Policy Highlights: Focus on Vital Keywords – WordPress plugin

Sun, 06/02/2019 - 08:07

Vital keywords will be highlighted automatically as your users browse your website and visit policy-related pages. Make it easy for your users to quickly focus on & read important sections in Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, Cookie Policies, Disclosure Policies, Code of Conduct, and more!

This plugin was built with the help of the Reddit privacy community.

After publishing an open-source tool and creating browser extensions both for Chrome and Firefox, I am happy to release the tool as a Wordpress plugin. I would appreciate any feedback and ideas. The tool is part of a larger privacy awareness project called WeArePrivacy.

Thank you

submitted by /u/PawelGlow
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[REQUEST] Is there any WP Plugin for rounded shape headers?

Sun, 06/02/2019 - 05:45


Is there any plugin to make rounded shape headers in Wordpress? something like this website called uxeem


submitted by /u/Chrin22JR
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[REVIEW] Filter hook to resolve cURL error:35 unknown SSL protocol error

Sat, 06/01/2019 - 15:43

If a plugin causes cURL 35:Unknown SSL protocol error then you don't have to edit the plugin file just add the below filter on theme's function.php

addfilter( 'https_ssl_verify', '_return_false' );

submitted by /u/sarathgp
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[REVIEW] - Verified Reviews for WooCommerce Posted to Blockchain for Verification.

Sat, 06/01/2019 - 15:24

Hey group,

We wanted to get some feedback for our newly released plugin in the WP Repoz. We welcome all comments and suggestions for our plugin. Basically we take verified reviews from WooCommerce sites and we post those reviews to our website along with posting to two blockchains. Ethereum and our own private blockchain. We do this to show that reviews have not been modified. Any, would love to know everyone's thoughts.

submitted by /u/rebusify
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[DISCUSSION] - Need a filter plugin for a charitys dogs.

Fri, 05/31/2019 - 10:29

On mobile, sorry for formatting.

Hopefully self explanatory, but I'm looking for a way for people to filter potential dogs by gender, age, breed, etc.

Also then make it easier on the charity to change to [ADOPTED], I just want to make it as easy as possible for these people to advertise to new homes.

So far im looking into potentially woocommerce and see if i can use it for their filter. Or seperate pages i stead and have categories for each type for each page and then show only certain categories of blog posts.


submitted by /u/TheLegendaryPhoenix
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[FREE] Woo Custom Empty Price - Add custom content when your product has no price.

Thu, 05/30/2019 - 12:41

I originally coded this for some clients 'price on application' products, and decided to cover all bases and turn it into a plugin. Heres an explanation:

Feedback welcomed!

submitted by /u/pickledegg
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[HELP] Plugin that allows office rentals ?

Thu, 05/30/2019 - 11:21


is there any plugin (free or premium) that works with woocommerce and allows you to create products as offices/addresses?

it is some sort of domiciliation !

Any help is appreciated!

submitted by /u/slimr0ck
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Searching for SPECIFIC Plugin for Page Builder. [[HELP]]

Thu, 05/30/2019 - 10:09

I’ve been looking into starting a white label web builder, while working on a website for a church I really loved their platform, client dashboard and page builder they used on their site. You can literally make a clean modern page within minutes. And it wasn’t a drag and drop it was more of a sill in the blanks. The page builder where sectioned into blocks that you could insert (basic block, team block, ministry block etc.) I’ve been search for weeks for something like that platform can tell if they developed it themselves on Wordpress or it’s another white label program. It’s like the elemator plugin but even simpler. I want to help small businesses create modern looking website that they could EASILY make changes to. Anyone have any suggestions on programs or plugins?

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